Description Isomer is a framework for building distributed applications
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TL;DR: Isomer is an opensource, distributed application framework addressing collaboration between humans, crews and machines. One of the core goals is trying to bridge the existing gap between computation in sciences/engineering and human/machine interaction.

Starting in 2015, I began rewriting a lot of software to be more compatible with the problems Hackerfleet encountered while investigating maritime technology in-depth.

This meant building a common platform for modular software that isn't just serving web pages or querying some database for content, but also e.g. interacts with external sensors and a plethora of different communication systems and scientific software packages.

Most of the frameworks out there, back then, were not really up to the task - and probably still aren't.

The resulting framework has been (nearly fully) modularized and split off in the last few years. Common functionality - like enrollment or project management - has been moved (from Hackerfleet's repositories) to the Isomeric Org which shall foster the respective modules' development and is open for everyone.

The talk about Isomer will give you a sneak peak behind some of the technological decisions and what applications Isomer is being used for right now as well as inform you on how to participate and collaborate in the Isomeric org and ultimately on how to build your own applications with it. There might be a workshop afterwards.

You might also be interested in the Hackerfleet which effectively provided the foundations for the Isomer project and is building the Hackerfleet Operating System for vessels, an opensource vessel/crew computer system.