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Description PDP11 running 2.11BSD, RSTS/E and/or RSX-11M+
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Tags retro, retrocomputing, vintage, pdp11
Located at village Village:Frubar
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We have 2 MicroPDP-11/53 up and running for anyone interested to play with historic hard- and software. There are two video terminals (VT220 and VT320) and one printing terminal (LA12) connected for local use.

System no. 1 runs 2.11BSD, the last PDP11 UNIX that was released in 1990 and has been continuously been patched and fixed since. This is on the net and reachable:

telnet, username guest (no password)

If you want a personal account, send local mail to root on this system.

System no. 2 currently runs RSTS/E 9.6 and has a bunch of games installed. There is no TCP/IP on this OS, so if you want to play with it visit us at the Frubar village. There is a guest account 128,129 with no password.