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Description File Party (aka Pile Farty)
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Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags fileparty, copyleft, curation, meatspace, p2p, ssb, ipfs, filesharing
Located at village Village:Harbor
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Copyleft + curation + meatspace + houseparty.

★ It’s a ritual and a party. File Party is a meatware infrastructure. The way to discover new content without sharing our personal interests with anyone but our friends. And their friends. Intimate content curation in the age of information overload. It supports future development of software and hardware, that will in turn, support the meatware infrastructure - the File Party. 

★ File Party is not a brand, and if it makes any sense to you make it your own. It doesn't have any revenue model.

★ A lot of technical stuff can be used (i.e. ssb, IPFS, DAT, pandoc, cryptpad). Some of it is still a bit tricky to use. We're working on simple tools for everyone to File Party.

★ File Party should be fun and accessible for everyone. It's not about using specific software. It's about being able to invite non techie friends and do p2p stuff they understand and enjoy.