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There was a a very small triangle remaining between the border of our village closed by a fence (we are neighbour to all water infrastrructure) and our tent. Someone from the UK came up with the idea of creating a small version of very exclusive club Berghain in Berlin. Well, it was just a joke between us and we put a poster and a small loudspeaker and cheesy music. It quickly became popular until the point we didn't control anything,many improvised DJ coming, attracting more or less people. Security finally came to ask us to lower sound.


We are sorry if we have caused any trouble but we are amused that such a crazy thing emerged. This is the Chaos Communication Camp after all.....

Conclusion 2: it seems people enjoy such tiny places that mimick serious exclusive clubs.

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How to contribute and access the DJ laptop?

$ ssh fixme@

Music should be uploaded in ~fixme/Music.