Contact, DECT 7010
Description People who are involved in research on all kinds of intelligent robots, like soccer playing robots, autonomous cars, and various self built robot prototypes.
Members Ivanna, Marcus, Mellmann, Silbo, Superwallah, Verena
Projects SumoRobot
Self-organized Sessions Robot Soccer, SumoRobot programming, SumoRobot soldering
Tags robotics, artificial intelligence, robocup, robot soccer, sumorobot
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Location 53.032469 N, 13.305575 E

The village is organized by the faculty for adaptive systems at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and is populated by several other projects. In the bottom links you can find more information about the projects:

At the CCCamp 2014 we had the ADAPT village representing the adaptive systems group at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with a focus on robotics. At the EMF 2017 we organized a Serendipity Camp - with the focus on tea, electronic art, and serenity of mind. This year we will have a combination of those two projects. We have a colorful bunch of nerds populating our village, each one excited about making things and expression themselves through creation. In our village we want to share the things, that we are building, with others. Come and see! Or come and join us. Let us know about your ideas and let's see if we can create something together.

We have people working on autonomous cars (if we are lucky, we might be able to bring one with us), we have people working on self learning autonomous humanoid robots (we will definitely bring some of those (almost directly from the RoboCup world championship in Australia)), we have young students who built crazy creative robot performance (we might see one these as well). Many of us are involved in the RoboCup (autonomous robot soccer) community. We make robots and we program robots! So a lot of what we will bring to the camp will have to do with robots. Here are the couple of concrete projects that we will bring with us and a couple of planned activities: - various kinds of robots (different humanoid robots and others) - public demonstrations of autonomous humanoid robot soccer games (RoboCup) - (probably) Robot building workshop - open relaxing, meditation and wisdom dome (perhaps a wis-dome?!) with tea, noise music, 1D arcade led game etc. - public tea tent (more like several sun sails and carpet)