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Description Love is all you need - and software freedom! Join us in celebrating our love for Free Software by crowdsinging the Free Software song!
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Everyday at 19:30 in the Cluster about:freedom we invite you to sing together the Free Software song; We have the lyrics and a conductor. Simply come, bring your hacker buddies and your voice and maybe an instrument and we form an ad-hoc choir and sing out loud our love for Free Software!

Singing times are:

* Day 1, August 21: 19:30
* Day 2, August 22: 19:30
* Day 3, August 23: 19:30 
* Day 4, August 24: 19:30
* Day 5, August 25: 10:30

In preparation, you'll find the sheet music on imslp, and you can also listen to it on musescore and download it in formats other than pdf on cpdl.

All creatures are welcome to sing with us whether you are an experienced singer or not does not matter. It is the passion that makes us strong and the freedom that brings us together!

"You'll be free hackers, free!"