Contact AndiS, datacop
Description The "urleiwand" Village provided by Metalab and friends from all over Austria and the Solar System
Members AndiS, Datacop, Overflo, Ripper
Projects Blinkenpoi, Blinkenrocket
Self-organized Sessions Pluto is a planet
Related to village Amateur Radio, AAAAAAAAAAAA
Tags austria, wien, vienna, chill zone, chaoswelle, amateur radio, fnord, ham radio, hackerspace, metafunk
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes

Leiwanding it up since 2007

LeiwandVille Phone Booth at OHM2013

TODO: Dieser Abschnitt muss weiter ausgebaut werden

  • Some community tents
  • An electronics lab
  • A VOIP phone booth
  • Parties, slacking
  • Blinking things, airborne lights
  • Hamradio Stuff
  • sleep deprivation (some)
  • 24 hrs Breakfast
  • Amalettomat Pancake Robot?
  • etc..

Time Lapse Video of LeiwandVille at CCCAmp 2011: Youtube Link