Projects:Planet A — The Tragedy of the CO₂mmons

Description Planet A is a serious social game that is meant to educate players about the effects of climate change
Has website Dist0rtion Protocol
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Tags blockchain, cryptocurrencies, game, simulation
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For the first time at 35c3, Social Dist0rtion Protocol hosted a decentralized treasure hunt on Ethereum:[1]. Players had to collect treasures hidden all around the congress. This year, we're back for more!


Planet A is a serious social game build on Ethereum Plasma. The game will begin as a pop-up economy incentivizing participants financially to interact with each other using a super secure web wallet ("burner wallet") to buy POPCORN and BERLINER LUFT at the Social Dist0rtion Protocol Village! At one point during the game, attendees will find themselves in a tragedy of the commons, as they find out that their greedy interactions lead to dangerous CO₂ emissions that now threaten to collapse the economy of the event. To simulate the disastrous effects that global warming has on our planet and on our economy, the game will heavily influence the price of the goods available at the village. The only tool they have to fight climate change and save the event is to invest part of their capital to plant trees and lower the amount of CO₂. They enter as teams into a competition to educate each other and prevent an economic tipping point to be reached. The team that manages to achieve the best climate score wins the event.

Social Dist0rtion Protocol will launch Planet A roughly on Friday afternoon. In order to play, you'll need an in-game passport. To receive it, please visit our village.


Planet A is supposed to be played interactively by coders and non-coders. We'll try to merge proposed PRs optimistically and would like to encourage all our players to document, reverse-engineers and mod the game to improve coordination, decrease CO₂ pollution or simply to win.

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Source code

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