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Description The American Hacker Camp (at CCCamp!)
Members Rosie, Wmww
Projects Coffee: Ada's Cafe
Self-organized Sessions Oscilloscope Music Workshop
Subvillage of Milliways
Related to village Milliways
Tags usa, american, hackers, party, coffee, tiki, cocktails, music
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes

To commemorate the American Hacker Camp -- ToorCamp’s 10 year anniversary, we’re organizing a village at the Chaos Communication Camp in 2019. We’re bringing some of the awesomeness of ToorCamp to CCCamp to show some of our fun projects and learn a bit about how CCCamp manages to throw their amazing event.

Some of the projects we're bringing out from ToorCamp include a Tiki speakeasy, a programmable LED sign, internet of buckets, Ada's cafe espresso cart, and some music performances and workshops including Jerobeam Fenderson and frigginGlorious.