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Eco Hacker Farm goes to CCCamp 2019

2019 is a [1] event held once every 4 years.

Accommodation & Travel

We will be driving there with a car and small trailer to carry all the necessary stuff for the [2].

If you want to meet us there we recommend car sharing or using public transport. is around 80 km away.

We have limited camping space near the village contact us if you want to join us.

Food & Cooking facilities

We will bring:

 * a gas bottle
 * a big pot
 * some vegetables
   * pumpkin
   * leeks
   * potatoes
   * carrots
   * cabbage
   * cauliflower
 * herbs
 * salt & pepper
 * some bowls
 * some cutlery
 * some cups
 * a ladle
 * bread
 * butter / vegan spread
 * muesli
 * soya rice milk
 * apples
 * home made syrup

The idea is to share meals, make soup to share, bring your food/vegetables to use and turn them into a warm meal. If you have no vegetables or food come anyway.

If you want to get vegetables you can this group who will visit the local farmer by bike.

Some basic courtesy rules:

 * Wash whatever plates, cutlery and cups you borrow and bring them back after you use them!
 * Clean up after yourself
 * Leave the place & the people better than you found them
 * Consider making a donation if you can

Tuck Shop

There will be a snack box with suggested donation amounts per items:

 * nuts
 * juice
 * mate
 * chips
 * ...


Session name Date and Time Link
powerplant team meeting 2019/08/22 11:00 - 12:30 Session:Powerplant_team_meeting
Get to know Eco Hacker Farm 2019/08/22 13:00 - 14:00 Session:Get_to_know_Eco_Hacker_Farm
powerplant - an opensource permaculture garden planner for everyone 2019/08/23 14:30 - 15:30 Session:Powerplant:_an_opensource_permaculture_garden_planner_for_everyone
Permaculture for hackers 2019/08/24 12:00 - 13:00 Session:Permaculture_for_hackers meetup 24/08/2019 16:00 - 17:30 Session:Hackerspaces.org_meetup

Incurred costs for the event

Item Cost Comment
Gas stove €120 Can also be used for other events
Gas bottle €13 Kuckucksmuehle
Car Fuel ~ €20 to €25 2 people on the way there, 3 people on the way back
Herbs, condiments €0 Kuckucksmuehle
Food €38.07 Cost not covered yet