Description rent a fridge, 6 crates and more per stack
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Tags coolbeverage, beverage, food
Located at village Village:Cool-village
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we offer for rent up to 20 stacks 30w*40d*180h cm in a large cooling container.
48€ per stack for the whole period morning of 2019-08-20 (Tue) until end of 2019-08-25 (Sun).
Protected against unauthorized access, so you also got a 'safe' there for your precious beverage and food (and other stuff).
We only accept usual beverage crates and boxes like 30*40_Eurobox since we need to stack your stuff in this container which has no shelf boards or anything.
You may concatenate several 30cm slots, like rent 3 stacks to form one 40deep*90wide 180cm high stack. Depth of 40cm is maximum and can't get changed*40_Eurobox 60*40 for a dual-stack