Projects:ATX Breakoutboard Workshop - Solder your own Power Supply

Description Build your own 3.3-12V power supply (moderate soldering experience needed)
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Persons working on Marove, Venti
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags Soldering, power supply, diy, workshop
Located at village Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage
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The Binary Kitchen soldering workshop goes CCCamp 2019. We are providing a soldering workshop for several and completely different soldering kits. At the CCCamp you can come and solder with us, an manual and 20 soldering irons.

The ATX-Breakoutboard is a handy breakout board to get all important voltages from an standard ATX power supply: 3.3 V to 12 V. You just attach a ATX power supply and it works!... Hopefully :)

Daten and Time: 23.08.2019 (Day 3) 15:00-17:00

Moderate soldering experiences are helpful but not needed. We don't have a sign up list, just come by and solder (but we just have 20 seats, first come first serve).