Description DECT 7866 - Open-source SumoRobot platform
Has website
Persons working on Ivanna, Silbo, Superwallah
Self-organized sessions
Tags robotics, sumorobot, javascript, embedded, programming, hands-on, robot, children, kid, kids, robots, diy, soldering, handson, hardware, kit, kits
Located at village Village:RoboVillage
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sumo - 7866


Come build your own SumoRobot and have a blast at the SumoRobot match, may the best one win! We will have all the tools and parts ready, any skill levels are welcome, just bring your enthusiasm.

The programming of the SumoRobot is also fun for any age level starting from 7!

The SumoRobot platform is an open-source effort, any contribution and feedback is always welcome!

SumoRobot Blockly workshop in Algoritam, Skopje - Macedonia
SumoRobot workshop in the Roma community, Skopje - Macedonia
SumoRobot Python in KIKA Hackerspace, Skopje - Macedonia
35C3 SumoRobot soldering @Hardware Hacking Area, Leipzig - Germany
SumoRobot Soldering Sten(12), Pärnu - Estonia
SumoRobot Soldering Siim, Pärnu - Estonia