Projects:Thermal news printer

Description The idea is to create a thermal news printer that will release us from staring at the screen in some cases
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Tags news aggregation, printing, social media, irc, onion omega2, raspberry pi, arduino
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Nowadays, some of us keep checking on some information sources (e.g., online newspapers, social media, irc etc.) wasting our time and health for figuring out that nothing new appeared since last check. This is why I came up with the idea to prepare an online news aggregator that is linked to a thermal printer and prints if anything new will come. This software should be capable to serve multiple users with different needs, so it should support customization on what should be printed for each one. I would like to make it working in a combination of thermal printer and one of microcomputers, such as Onion Omega2+, Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

At the camp I would like to cover the non-hardware part, e.g., creating an aggregator and scrapper for some sources. Later on the project will be continued off-site.