Description You can create art and beauty on a computer. Every human being is an artist (Joseph Beuys). Every artist is human being (Martin Kippenberger). Every human being can be a hacker (Wau Holland). Every hacker is an artist. (ST)
Has website
Persons working on F1r3, ST, StefanBA
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags Art, Contemporary, photos, Fotos, Pictures, Performance, Painting, Hacking
Located at village Village:BlinkenArea
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There will be a lot of art & beauty at the camp. This is the place to collect all the artworks. If you see some art, please take a picture, a video, an audio and/or write some lines, post it where you like, use the hashtag #cccamp19 #art and put a link to this page and/or add your village.