Description The Borderland is not a festival and you can't buy tickets for it.
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Persons working on Verr
Self-organized sessions
Tags burn, burner, burningman, borderland, theborderland, euroburn, collaboration, participation, metaburn, bob
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The Borderland is a participatory event, a collaborative community where we co-create events and gatherings as prototypes for our dreams. It is an empty container, open to your initiative. It is an invitation to play, to reflect, and to engage. The event is for co-creators only, and not open to spectators.

Since the Borderland is organized in a participatory and collaborative way, multiple online tools are used to communicate, make decisions, share responsibilities, cocreate, and dream together. A loose group of people plans to meet at Camp to discuss this and work on those tools. This is a virtual meta space to do so.