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Postal services within CCCamp19 and towards the default world. Delivering postcards at the speed of Chaos.

Chaos Post firmly believes in Post Neutrality, offering its public services to everyone free of charge.

Donations to cover the operating costs of our default world gateways are welcome.


Main office

Our main offices are located next to Infodesk and are reachable 24/5 via DECT 7678.


To CCCamp participants

Note down the recipients location, or give us a DECT number, Twitter handle or some other means of contact. We'll deliver.

Example address: DJ Spock, DECT 1701, Lounge, CCCamp19

To the default world

Note down the recipients address, we’ll take care of postage.

Example address: Mama, Heimweg 7, CH-3006 Bern




Choose from our exquisite selection of postcards and send someone a good old analog greeting!


We accept envelopes up to ISO DIN B4, weighing up to 500 grams.


Due to reasons completely unrelated to our recent postal worker union strike, we are currently unable to process parcels.

Field phone

If postal services should be unavailable in your area, a dedicated copper line might be a viable alternative to postcards. We feature a connection to the CCCamp19 Field telephone network, just ask your friendly field phone operator to patch you through!


Our main office features an analog public phone, reachable on DECT 7678 (P-O-S-T)

Copying, Scanning & Printing

The Chaos Post main office has an inkjet colour printer/scanner/copier available for considerate public use.



Delivering mail across CCCamp19 is an exciting experience and will get you in contact with people from all walks of Chaos. If you're interested in joining our operations and becoming a Chaos Post delivery agent, please come by our main office to talk to one of our recruiting agents!

Postal Worker Union

We respect the right of our postal workers to voice their opinion, and are closely working together with their representation Chaos Post Union (CPU) on issues of labour rights and general job satisfaction.