Description Team Harbor - Boating Enthusiasts Hackers - Water Taxi Service - in Neuer Hafen
Members Henning, Ijon, Jeedi, LuckyGreen, Moreentropy, Riot
Projects File Party, Fundus, Hackerfleet, Isomer
Self-organized Sessions HFOS - The Hackerfleet Operating System, Maritime Hackers Meetup
Tags c-base, hackerfleet
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes

1024px-square-rgb.png Team Harbor

Team Harbor is a group of boating enthusiasts hackers. We will participate in CCC Camp 2019 by boat from Neuer Hafen.


We are located in map grid Y15, about 150m east of the main CCC Camp entrance and about 50m south of the CCC Camp caravans area. If you see lots of boats and a white 5m x 10m workshop tent, you found us!


We are on Rocket Chat channel #camp2019-harbor.

To call or email individual boats or participants staying on boats, please consult our list of Boats, People, and Slips.

To call the water taxi, please dial DECT "TAXI" (8294).

To call the Team Harbor Organizers, please dial DECT "DOCK" (3625).

the drydock

Our workshop tent is called the the drydock and will be available for booking via the CCC Camp Self-Organized Sessions online form between the hours of 10:00 - 18:00.

the drydock Hours of Operation:
07:00 - 10:00 -- breakfast room (bring your own breakfast)
10:00 - 18:00 -- self-organized sessions
18:00 - midnight -- dinner room (bring your own dinner) and social room
midnight - 07:00 -- the tent is closed

To call the drydock, please call it from your nearest field telephone

Water Taxi

Team Harbor operates a free water taxi service that will ferry you from Neuer Hafen to the quiet swimming lake located across the Havel river. Ferry service between Alter Hafen and Neuer Hafen is also available.