Projects:Antenna Rotator

Description A small antenna rotator to follow your favourite spacecraft with a directional antenna.
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Tags ham radio, amateur radio, satellites, antennas
Located at village
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Tired of holding your Yagi and your handheld radio while following satellites and missing yet another hand for operating your computer? Then this little helper is for you!

It's capable of carrying a small directional antenna and pointing it wherever you want. Connects with GPredict or other popular satellite prediction tools. Uses 6-DOF magnetic/acceleration sensor for getting direction and DC worm geared motors for moving the antenna.

The original idea is from the Australian School Amateur Radio Club Network (see link to website above). We show our implementation and listen in on satellites and ISS.


The Antenna is set up and running. Ask Ulip ( on location about it. He will tell you more! :) Look for this antenna...


If you found it and like it, leave a link to a video or photo from CCCamp2019 here...