Projects:Tent and Mattress Repair

Description Help people fix holes, rips and tears in their tents and mattresses. Material provided while stocks last. Some material and tools for bike repair is available as well.
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Inspired by the German initiative Zeltretter (tent savers), we want to provide help, tools and material to fix holes, rips, and tears in tents, mattresses, and mats during camp. Like a repair café, just not for electronics but for your most important camping equipment that you need for shelter and sleep.

By the way, the initiative that inspired us, Zeltretter (tent savers), is looking for volunteers! They focus on music festivals, so if you regularly go to music festivals, take a look at their website, apparently they can pay for your entrance ticket if you help them with their repair booth.

How to use the service // Help, my tent or mattress is broken!

You have a hole, rip, or tear in your tent or mattress, or in an object with similar surface? Come see us at our village Bits&Bäume, or contact Blipp, or …, or …. We'll make an appointment. Tear Aid and other stuff is indeed expensive, but we don't want to deal with money. If you want you can offer us, or the person that provided the material, one or more cool beverages ;)

Collection of Material

If you want to help us, please bring spare patches to camp and tell us about it, by adding your name and what you bring to this list. We think of two possibilities:

  1. (central) Bring us your material to our village at the beginning of camp. We will put a name tag on it and keep it in our box/bag of material. You can come and get it back at the end of camp if it wasn't used. This is less communication overhead but you need to trust us with your material.
  2. (on demand) We, or someone who needs it, will contact you if we would like to use your material. This is more communication overhead but you keep control over your material. Please make sure you put a way to contact you on your user page.
Who? Brings what? Mode (donate/contact)
User:Blipp Half a Tear Aid patch set, 3 meters of self-adhesive tent repair tape (Decathlon), vulcanisation agent/glue, bike tube patches, bike repair kit and some tools central
User:Foosel Tear Aid patch set A & B central
User:Fraxinas PVC repair kit (including glue) central
User:Coco Repair kit for tent floor, roof and mosquito covers, sewing kit central



  • figure out how people can reach us during camp. Maybe just via our village and our DECT numbers? call group?
  • make a sign
    • maybe some prominent signs hung up at central places?
      • something like a helium filled balloon with a patch?
  • bring a box/a bag for the material