Description This is the village of the backspace which is the hackerspace and CCC Erfa in Bamberg, Germany.
Members Advi, Jur, Mot
Projects Beer Tasting, Learn to drive an electric unicycle
Self-organized Sessions Advi Weekly Aufnahme, Beer Tasting, Educational Filk: Der Hacker-Song, Einführung ins Podcasting mit Reaper/Ultraschall, Erfahrungsbericht Coder Dojo, Learn to drive unicycle, Role-Play Games
Related to village Schaffenburg, ICMP, Nerd2Nerd
Tags bavaria, ccc, erfa, beer, franconia, hackerspace
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Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Location 53.0312550 N, 13.3077850 E

Part of the Franconian Cluster. Sessions are held in our big tent.