Usually we called this section "workshops". Then we told you on this page, that a workshop doesn't need to be an event with hands-on and making – but sure it could! We said that a "workshop" is just something, that happens at a special time and place, but doesn't take place in one of the big halls. Therefore we changed the name to "Self-organized Sessions" that includes everything - everything that is organized by you!

Such an event can be...

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game
  • ... something happening outside of the building
  • ... a small talk or lecture
  • ... a screening of a movie
  • ... something with music, literature and art
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one ob the "big talks" or another topic that happened rencently
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the congress!

Your Self-organized Session goes 32C3

On this page you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the 32C3 and you'll find the necessary information to create your own one.

The idea is, that we will be able to provide a global workshop and talk calendar: Everyone being at the 32C3 is able to look at this calendar and will find out what self-organized sessions are currently running besides the "big" talks in the halls.

Registering own workshops or talks

To register your self-organized sessions just use the self-organized session form.

For now, the crucial information are

  • Name of the self-organized session (which will be used as the site name)
  • A short description
  • A valid email address that might be used by the orga team to contact you

It might even be great, if you give some information about the person and assembly performing the self-organized session and a rough start- and end-time for the schedule, as well as a location. You can always update this information later.

For a detailed description, you can use the Free text field. This field allows the usual mediawiki syntax, and it will be the body of your page at the end.


You can also select a location for your self-organized. There will be again special rooms and places for this, they will be added here soon.

At the moment valid locations are all assemblies that have selected maybe or yes in their local lectures field, as well as the the following locations:

  • Hall 13 with 78 square meters and 41 seats; tables (most probably in classroom layout)
  • Hall 14 with 60 square meters and 21 seats; tables (most probably in U layout)
  • Hall A.1 with 100 square meters and 82 seats, no tables
  • Hall A.2 with 113 square meters and 60 seats, tables (most probably in classroom layout)
  • Hall B with 287 square meters and 264 seats; no tables
  • Hall C.1 with 73 square meters and 50 seats; no tables
  • Hall C.2 with 73 square meters and 50 seats; no tables
  • Hall C.3 with 73 square meters and 17 seats; tables (most probably in U-layout)
  • Hall C.4 with 73 square meters and 21 seats; tables (most probably in classroom layout)
  • Hall F with 289 square meters and 264 seats; no tables

Please book a room with tables only if you really need tables for your session!

Rooms are not fix yet.

Planning self-organized sessions within the workshop rooms works on a "fair use policy":

  • You can plan any time slot that is still free (FCFS). Take a look into our Calendar or the timelines on the workshop location pages.
  • You may register self-organized sessions in one of the workshop rooms with a maximum duration of 3 hours. If you need more time, you might kindly want to ask one of the Assemblies that provide space for workshops, if you can perform your workshop there.
  • Give a valid contact on your self-organized session page. If no name given, we are not able to contact you in case of questions.
  • Session Announce Lists available at the Infodesk and on most shared tables

Registered Self-organized Sessions

Already registered self-organized sessions are available as list or calendar. You can use the existing self-organized sessions as a reference, if you do not yet know, where to start.

The calendar is updated using the semantics feature of the self-organized sessions form and template. This may take some time, so be patient...


There are 187 registered self-organized sessions.

"Mit Dir nicht" - Braucht es eine Bewegungsresolution?Wer gegen Überwachung arbeitet, will weder mit Aluhüten noch 'besorgten Bürgern' oder 'Reichsfuzzis' zu tun haben. Braucht es dafür eine formalisierte Abgrenzung?
"The ananas from SpongeBob SquarePants is a lie!" Wondrous infinite fractions.This talk gives a leisurely introduction to the secret of the number 5, which links SpongeBob's ananas, approximations to π known to antiquity, the Mandelbrot fractal, and infinite continued fractions together. The talk is aimed at people who are interested in mathematical patterns, but no fancy math knowledge is needed to enjoy the talk. There will be pretty pictures.
10 moderne Konzepte, die deiner Lieblingsprogrammiersprache fehlenProgrammierung und die Theorie dahinter ist ein vergleichsweise junges Gebiet, verglichen mit anderen Ingenieursdisziplinen. Deshalb gibt es immer noch jede Dekade und teilweise jedes Jahr erstaunliche Fortschritte, die erst sehr viel später in den verbreiteten Sprachen ankommen. In diesem Vortrag wollen wir zeigen, was es alles gibt und wie du viele dieser Ideen selbst in nicht dafür ausgelegten Sprachen ganz praktisch anwenden kannst (vielleicht sogar in deiner Lieblingsprogrammiersprache? ;) ).
1st Annual Shortbus ScreeningPublic screening of the movie Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell. Audio will be english. There will be at least 30mins for setup and admittance. Runtime is around 110mins. Movie contains explicit pornographic scenes! Therefore legal admittance only for persons 18 years and older. Please bring a valid ID.
22 harddrives from a Westafrican e-waste dump - Behind the Smart WorldWe bought 22 hard-drives at an e-waste dump in Ghana. From 5 of them we recovered data and we bring this data to this years 32C3 Congress!

Together we want to explore questions like:

   What kind of data did we find on this hard-drives?
   How can this data be (ab)used?
   How would you deal with this data breach?

Who can participate?

We are looking for hackers, artists and activists to deal with this data! Data as waste, waste in the sense that it is deleted, dumped in the ‘recycle bin’ on our desktop, yet possible to be recovered. And waste as resurfacing data on hard-drives physically located at one of the largest e-waste dumps in the world.

More info about the “Behind the Smart World Project can be found on the research blog and here: The research lab is part of the “Art meets radical openness” Festival which takes place in Linz, Austria.
34rtcorgprivate session on a private topic
A New Business Model for the InternetMuch of today’s Internet is powered by ads and data sales. No wonder: users have gotten used to “free” services and it’s no easy feat for companies to get people to pay or support what they use. But of course “free” is a far cry from *freedom*.

If payments were instant, practically free, and managed automatically (e.g. by web browsers), online services could sustain themselves without tracking us or pleading us to click to donate. An open payment method for the web that could it possible for providers to charge tiny amounts to customers visiting websites. It could, at least in theory, change the way the Internet works -- but for the better or worse? Paid open source software could become a viable business. It could be the end of advertising and tracking. Or would it usher in a new age of paywalled content that would shut out those unable to pay? Would it provide an additional tool for surveillance or juicier targets for thieves?

This workshop will include a short explanation and demonstration of the new Interledger Protocol (ILP) for payments across payment networks. ILP is an open payment protocol being developed in a W3C Community Group to enable secure transactions between bank accounts, Bitcoin wallets, community currencies, and more. We will discuss the pitfalls that have sunk many previous micropayment schemes and we will explore and debate the implications of actually bringing frictionless payments to the Internet.
ADMINADvanced Meeting Infrastructure & Network
Advanced Probiotic BrewingThis is a meeting of brewers discussing variety of topics about brewing probiotic drinks and foods.
AfterShockWe'd like to introduce participants to the serious (learning-) game Aftershock. It demonstrates the difficulties of inter-agency cooperation in desaster-affected areas.
AmateurfunkEinleitender Vortrag zu Amateurfunk
An Advanced Introduction to GnuPGThere is more to encryption than generating an OpenPGP key and sending encrypted emails. In this talk, I will provide some tips on how to manage keys, how to improve your confidence that your mail is not being intercepted and some other neat tricks that GnuPG can do. This talk is given by Neal Walfield
Analyse alt misampoitamischer tapeten im kontext der digitalen gesellschaftLALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA
Analysis of the privacy technology landscapeWe believe that the current internet stack must be completely revised to establish a secure privacy preserving internet as a space to unfold basic civil rights which are threatened by mass spying. We envision the new stack to be free software, decentralized, distributed, end-to-end-encrypted, with meta-data-protection, easy to use, efficient, wifi mesh-networking capable and well-documented. We start with a thorough evaluation of existing projects and by building bridges between them to achieve what none of them could do alone.
Anarchism 101During the workshop we will have a short look at the anarchist history, have an overviews of the current streams of anarchist thought and have some space for collective discussions on the matter.
Angewandte Konsensdemokratiethesen: gruppen von menschen lassen sich oft weiter demokratisieren als "nur" basisdemokratie zu machen. konsensdemokratie ist möglich, und mittelfristig sogar effizienter und stressfreier. mehr spaß macht sie auch :-)
Angry Hacking: How to win $750,000Learn to use Angr, the open source binary analysis platform developed by Shellphish for the Cyber Grand Challenge. Bring a laptop and some basic Python knowledge.
Ants and Squirrels go 32c3 UnCiv meetupbuilding the utopian future together!

meetup of the people interested in UnCivilization -- concept, mailing-list, movement!

Consider the Squirrels!
Arbeiten bei amazon - ein Bericht
Arcade Vector GamingSee vector games on the Vectrex up-close and personal. Bring your XY oscilloscope or vector monitor and we'll try gaming on it, too.
ArduinoForTotalNewbiesLearn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project

You've probably heard lots about Arduino. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a TV-B-Gone remote control out of an Arduino you can take home with you.

(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 32C3 in the huge Hardware Hacking Area!)

This workshop will be given twice
(both identical):
   Day 2: 28-Dec, 12pm - 3:30pm

   Day 3: 29-Dec, 12pm - 3:30pm
AusbildungsfunkbetriebAusbildungsfunk an einem Amateurfunkgerät.
Automotive Security TrinkenEin gemütliches Treffen mit Alkohol für Automotive/Industrie Security Engineers und alle die es werden wollen
BACnet (how Building automation works)This is a workshop/talk about the BACnet protocol ( building automation and control network). Where is comes, from How it works, where it is used and what you can do when you have access to it.

If others have a background in building automation (not home automation) I hope we can exchange infos, discuss known problems and so on. And find out what all is used in the CCH ;-)

This will only be a introduction, If you already know BACnet it might be boring
Beer Brewing For BeginnersBeer brewing for beginners
Beer TastingHomebrew and commercial beer tasting (bring your homebrew beer)
Biometriedaten für den PersonalausweisWie werden die Biometriedaten für Personalausweis und Reisepass (also Fingerabdruck & biometrisches Foto) erfasst?

Gibt es dabei Schwachstellen, die evtl. ausgenutzt werden können? Wie kann ich möglichst wenige Biometriedaten preisgeben - und trotzdem neue Ausweispapiere bekommen? Ein Erfahrungs- und Gedankenaustausch.

NB: Es kommt auf eure Erfahrungen und Gedanken an :-)

Wer zum CCC-Jahresrückblick möchte: Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, an den ersten 20 Minuten

teilzunehmen, und dann zum Jahresrückblick aufzubrechen ;-)
Bootstrapping your Pyongyang StartupWelcome to the Pyongyang Hackerspace! This is a participatory workshop to brainstorm new startup models fostering productive engagement with North Korea.
Bring Linux Presentation Day into your own town
Bringing free-as-in-freedom to social networks: what, why, and howSocial network users even outside the free software community are more and more aware of problems related to mainstream social network operators stranglehold on their data. And yet even within the free software community number of Facebook users trumps number of all libre social networks combined.

What is keeping people within the walled gardens? What are the libre options? Where is the decentralized social sphere headed?

And most importantly: what could be the effective ways of bringing more users to the libre side of social networking?
Build an IoT EmpireBuild an IoT Empire using bring-your-own as well as on site provided embedded hardware. We start with a physical web using Firefox OS terminals and Estimote beacons, and progress to make our own IoT systems adding Nordic Semiconductor and Freescale development boards.
Building Internet of Things devices on the cheapIn this workshop we will show you how to configure, flash, and use the NodeMCU ESP8266 Wifi module. Learn how to do cool things with LUA and NodeMCU, and check out some more complex things you can do with custom firmware.
Bürokratie und Verwaltung (und Gesellschaft) hacken!"Wir schaffen das" - ich mag diesen Spruch nicht, weil er IMO eine ganz fiese Manipulationsmasche ist... aber für diese Session muss er jetzt herhalten:

Wir Zivilgesellschaft, wir können das mit den Refugees schon schaffen: Wir sind flexibel, motiviert, engagiert, hilfsbereit... Aber die öffentliche Hand, die Bürokratie, die Verwaltung in Kommunen und Ländern und die vielen "Hilfs"Organisationen sind mit der aktuellen Lage oft überfordert: Die haben i.d.R. weder das Mindset noch die Skills noch die Tools, um mit der Situation umzugehen.

Deshalb möchte ich Bürokratie und Verwaltung hacken: 1.: Wie können wir als Helfer, Freifunker, Vermieter usw. Schwachstellen im Verwaltungs-Chaos HACKEN um schneller an unsere Ziele (sprich: Unterstützung für Refugees) zu kommen? 2.: Wie können wir die Verwalter ENABLEN, jenseits ihrer Bürokratie zu denken? Out of the Box die Probleme auf ihren Schreibtischen und in ihren Auffanglagern zu lösen? BONUS: 3.: Wie können wir die Gesellschaft hacken? Ich möchte dem sorgig-fremdenfeindlichen Teil der Gesellschaft seine ANGST NEHMEN? Können wir z.B. Video-Virals basteln, die gegen die ätzenden Stereotypen von der Islamisierung und der Flüchtlingswelle usw. helfen? Oder Aufkleber? Oder...?

Das ist viel Stoff, deshalb habe ich auch viel Zeit vorgesehen. Schaumermal, wie wir voran kommen... vielleicht sind wir ja nach einer Stunde schon fertig?!
CCC RegiotreffenRegional meeting of the Chaos Computer Club. Not intended for the general public but not top secret either. If you don't know what this is, you should probably not go there.
CCC-CH Treffen/GettogetherAlle par Monate führt der Chaos Computer Club Schweiz (CCC-CH) ein Gettogether durch. Ein Treffen aller vertretenen Chaostreffs und Hackerspaces. Dabei werden Themen diskutiert die den CCC-CH zur Zeit beschäftigen. Die Mitglieder können Projekte vorstellen, Events und Ausflüge werden geplant. Normalerweise finden die Gettogether in den Räumlichkeiten einer der Mitgliedesorganisationen des CCC-CH statt. Diesmal aber, gibts ein Gettogether auf dem 32c3. Gäste, insbesondere Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, Chaostreffs aus der Schweiz oder dem benachbarten Ausland die nicht zum CCC-CH gehören sind eingeladen sich dazu zu setzen, die Leute kennen zu lernen und sich an den Diskussionen zu beteiligen.
CTF AftershowAll participants of the 32C3 CTF are invited to get together, talk challenges and have a drink.
Cache attacks and bit flips on your laptop!Follow-up of our Rowhammer.js talk. Workshop in two parts.
  • First, learn about cache attacks and how to run them on your laptop! As an example, we'll show you how to use an automated tool to spy on keystrokes -- then run it on the tool of your choice :).
  • Then, learn how to run Rowhammer (native version, no JS) successfully!
Chaos West KlangteppichThis year there will be a lounge with sound & light in hall 4 (Chaos West, c-base & Co.). Come over and visit us! And if you like, you may play your favorite tunes in front of everyone.
Cheese Tasting RendezvousThis is our "classic". We gather cheeses and ourselves around them, some wine, olives and just enjoy!
CiTIZEN KiNOC-Kino is a hybrid of situational cinema, live theater, public forum

and developing a platform for participatory Media Self-defense and praxis-oriented community engagements. We also hack media

environments. In episode #49, we report back on the Climate Summit in Paris and the COP21 agreements. We analyze where we are now with the rise of citizen movements to defend our (only) habitat, planet earth. And we link the struggles of climate justice with hacker communities and digital culture. / OK-Labs MeetupTalk civic tech with OK-Lab members from all over Germany. OK-Labs MeetupTalk civic tech with OK-Lab members from all over Germany.
Collective AuthoritiesPresenter: Ismail Khoffi and Philipp Jovanovic In this talk we discuss CoSi, a novel protocol for collective signing, which enables authorities to have their statements collectively signed by a diverse, decentralized, and scalable group of (potentially thousands of) witnesses. Furthermore, we show how CoSi can be utilised to proactively harden critical Internet authorities and in particular present applications to Certificate Transparency, DNSSEC, software distribution, the Tor anonymity network, and cryptocurrencies. The collective authorities research project is a joint effort between teams of security researchers from the University of Yale and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and is being lead by Prof. Bryan Ford.
Configuring OnionCat And TorWithin this workshop I'll show how to setup Tor together with OnionCat, how to test it, and how to debug the setup in case something went wrong. Bring your notebook. You should have Tor and OnionCat already installed. I'll show how to do it on Linux, it is more or less the same on BSD-style OSes. It basically works also on Windows.
Congress Everywhere BreaktimeCongress Everywhere remote contact room during the early evening Fahrplan break. Room for creative videoconferencing or self-organized streaming to fill the gap.
Conversion of Physical Units at Compile Time, a C++ Meta-Programming Talk and WorkshopIn 1999 a $125 million NASA Mars orbiter entered the Mars atmosphere at a wrong trajectory and was lost, because a Lockheed Martin part used imperial units where NASA mandates the use of the metric system.

This session provides you with the skill set required to develop a C++ type system that validates and converts (valid) units at compile time, saving you lots of money if you ever decide to build rockets.

This workshop is for C++ programmers with an interest in learning meta-programming.
Crowd PolicingCrowd Policing is a game in development. It is modular and in its current configuration allows the players to be police commander, protest- or media-mastermind.
Cryptography without computers - computations with a deck of cardsWe discuss sophisticated card-based protocols for secure computations with a deck of cards, i.e. cryptography without computers. However, we show also the possibility to implement these protocols with LibTMCG - the C++ library for creating secure and fair online card games.
CryptopartyWorkshop on using various encryption techniques to secure your data and communications.
DATDat is an open source p2p data versioning tool.

It allows scientists and individuals to easily distribute and collaborate on open datasets by using p2p technologies similar to the ones used in BitTorrent and other file sharing networks.

This will be an overview of what Dat is, where it is going, and how you can help.
DBOpenDataIn den letzten Monaten ist viel passiert bei der Deutschen Bahn. Es gibt sogar ein OpenData-Portal mit den ersten Datensätzen: .

Was ist bisher passiert, und wie soll es weiter gehen? Welche Fragen, Ideen und Anregungen habt ihr für die Deutsche Bahn?

Welchen Daten fändet ihr am spannensten?
DIY Metadata Investigation : Inside Hacking TeamIn our step by step metadata investigation, we will explore hundreds of thousands of emails from the Hacking Team leak database. We will analyse the metadata of those emails and get a deeper insight into the invisible network of government agencies, cyber weapon dealers, and manufacturers and their investors.
DIY PagersCreating you own pagers to be able so send messages to people in a safe and anonymous way. Either using existing networks or building your own.
DN42 Meetup
DS-05-2016The EU's DS-05-2016 call asks for a consortium to organize "International Dialogues in Cybersecurity and Privacy Research and Innovation". Let us build THE consortium to do this right.
Decentralized Services on top of P2P storage networksWorking on CENO ( ) in the last year, we discovered that building decentralized services on top of P2P filesharing networks is not only a plausible scenario, but also a scalable and resilient one, with minimal requirements for infrastructure.

In this session, we aim to share the methods we collected or came up with in order to improve the speed and availability of our service, create anonymous communication channels with specific nodes, protect our nodes from de-anonymization attacks, prevent DDoS and spamming, balance the load of handling user requests, etc.

CENO is an innovative approach to censorship circumvention, using P2P anonymous storage networks (in particular Freenet - ). The project is developed by eQualitie ( ) and its source code is available under the GNU AGPLv3 ( )
Der letzte macht das licht ausMehr und mehr Leute haben das Gefühl das Twitter immer blöder wird und es gibt ja Alternativen. Wir wollen einmal gemeinsam überlegen woran es liegt, dass diese bisher so wenig verbreitet sind. Was braucht es, bessere Clients, andere Funktionen? Wir wollen mal ein Stimmungsbild sammeln, was Ihr dazu sagt und was es für Ideen gibt und wie diese in der nächsten Zeit umgesetzt werden können. (Translation coming soon)
Diaspora-shirts screen printingWe print t-shirts!
Digital Stalking Response ProtocolThere no simple go to place for real information wrt to protection and response to cases of digital stalking, but also the information needed is very country specific. However there are clear areas that need to be addressed, regardless of country, and we propose the creation of a Pan-European protocol on digital stalking which we will begin at a self organised session here at 32C3. We want people with knowledge about the areas of FORENSICS, LEGAL, POLICE, SOCIAL WORKERS, PSYCHOLOGISTS/VICTIM SUPPORT wrt to digital stalking in their respective countries to come together and help establish a practical knowledge base along with tips for awareness training and tools.
Disconnect - keep the future unwrittenDiskussion about the technological development and the impact on society. Loosly based on texts published here:
Discussion: Gaming of electronic warfareIf you want to discuss possible rule-sets for games that simulate electronic warfare on critical infrastructure, visit us.
Diskussion zur Netzpolitik SchweizDiskussion zur Netzpolitik in der Schweiz als Nachtrag zum gleichnamigen Vortrag:
Drawbots - MalroboterFür Kinder von ungefähr 5 bis etwa 12 Jahre. Hier könnt ihr Malroboter bauen.
EDN APIDiscussion of APIs for next-generation Internet applications. We want to standardize APIs so we can share more code across projects!
EU-Richtlinie zum Router Lockdown, Update zu FCCHier sollen die bekannten Informationen zur EU-Richtlinie zu Router Lockdown weitergeben und besprechen, wie wir dem begegnen wollen. Außerdem sollen die ähnlichen Entwicklungen der FCC bewertet werden
Easy peasy Paneer making!Making delicious Indian soft cheese from scratch.
Emacs rehab clinicAdmitting you have a problem is the first step to getting better. We'll create a welcoming, safe space for recovering emacs users, and teach the fundamentals of vim. We'll also have some more advanced tips for people who want to up their vim-fu.
Empowerment and Integration of NewcomersIn this workshop I would like to understand how people view or understand Integration.

• Steps to take while integrating into a society.

• Challenges of integration for the Newcomers; how can we get integrated in to the community when the locals are gated?

• What can we collectively do to be an ambassador for change and create network between the two groups?

• Without interacting with the system and its community, interms of working, education, how can one integrate?

• How to create Communication and Information sharing between the two groups for better understanding and breaking silence

The workshop is held by Fatuma Musa Afrah.
End: Civ - Resist or DieCivilisation is not and can never be sustainable. Let´s end it before it ends us.
ExampleThis is just an example session of example stuff.
Fhb team lunchesThis a lunch for the fhb team.
Fight for your right to HardwareMore and more devices that we buy are crippled. They are in one way or another artificially restricted in their use. Also, manufacturers try their best to not let you change, tinker or even repair your own device. They are "endproducts", literally. To keep control of technology and privacy not in the hands of monopolised interests but in the hands of society, we need to keep control of the hardware that surrounds us. There will be a brief introduction and examples to the topic. After that I like to discuss the principal rights that we need as consumers to keep or achieve privacy from the things that surround us. And merge them with the principal rights that we need as tinkerers, professional or hobbyists, to get control of the hardware that surrounds us - to use, study, share and improve it.
Fight for your right to Hardware!More and more devices that we buy are crippled. They are in one way or another artificially restricted in their use. Also, manufacturers try their best to not let you change, tinker or even repair your own device. They are "endproducts", literally.

To keep control of technology and privacy not in the hands of monopolised interests but in the hands of society, we need to keep control of the hardware that surrounds us.

There will be a brief introduction and examples to the topic. After that I like to discuss the principal rights that we need as consumers to keep or achieve privacy from the things that surround us. And merge them with the principal rights that we need as tinkerers, professional or hobbyists, to get control of the hardware that surrounds us - to use, study, share and improve it.
Flexibles Vernetzen ist das neue Bündnis gegen ÜberwachungAchtung: Verlegt auf 22 Uhr. Nach dem Scheitern des 'Bündnisses gegen Überwachung' stellt sich die Frage, welche Organisationsform der Bewegung gegen Überwachung neue Kraft verleihen kann. In dieser Sitzung besprechen wir die Flexible Vernetzung als mögliche Lösung mit ihren Vor- und Nachteilen und machen uns Gedanken darüber, wie sie am besten umgesetzt wird.
Flynn MeetupFlynn is an open source platform as a service that makes it easy to deploy resilient containerized applications and databases across servers. There will be a short talk and demo of Flynn and plenty of time for discussion and questions. Three members of the Flynn core team will be hosting.
France : going beyond the state of emergencyThe aim of this session is to go beyond the talk in Hall 1 about French securitarian drift since more than a year now.
Free Software Song sing-alongWe set up an ad-hoc choir to sing the Free Software Song all together. This will be fun, relaxing, motivating, and good food for your soul.

The Free Software Song has its melody from the Bulgarian song "Sadi Moma" and the lyrics from Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software movement. Get some inspiration in this video:

This will be an ad-hoc session, we are open for instrumental accompaniment and we look for a conductor of the choir. Please get in contact with
Freifunk - Worst Practises(deutsch) Was man eventuell besser nicht tun sollte für ergebnisorientierten Freifunk. (Kaum macht man's richtig, schon geht's)
Freifunk Advisory Council MeetupFreifunk Advisory Council internal meeting.
Freifunk Hamburg JahresrückblickFreifunk Hamburg berichtet über Fortschritte beim Ausbau des Richtfunknetzes, Herausforderungen bei der Versorgung Geflüchteter mit freiem WLAN, die Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt und Peering in Hamburg.
Freifunk HilftFreifunk hat in diesem Jahr an vielen Orten Refugees unterstützt und Unterkünfte vernetzt. Wir wollen berichten, was geleistet wurde und welche Aufgaben vor den Communities liegen.
Freifunk Rheinland e.V. - BackboneState of the Internat AS201701 - Freifunk Rheinland e.V. Backbone
Freifunk Vereine - Erkenntnisse aus BeratungsterminenWir stellen hier unsere bisherigen Erkenntnisse aus Beratungsterminen und Erfahrungen aus bisheriger Vereinsarbeit vor. Außerdem wollen wir besprechen, was bei Satzungen, Förderungen und Spenden zu beachten ist.
Freifunk Webteam MeetupWir laden alle Freifunkas ein, die sich mit Websites, Wikis oder Diensten rund um das Web beschäftigen. Ziel ist es, Themen zu besprechen, gemeinsame Punkte zur Zusammenarbeit auszumachen und einfach nur zu sehen, was es anderswo schon gibt.
Friendica - A decentralized, federated Social NetworkWe will briefly introduce the Friendica project and "The Federation" we are part of. Introduction talk (approx 10 minutes) with Q&A afterwards by core members of the Friendica Project.
GNUnet e.V.Annual meeting of
GSoC Mentor Meetup - FreifunkWir suchen Mentoren für den Google Summer of Code 2016. Freifunk wird sich wieder als Organisation bewerben. Das bietet die großartige Chance, unsere Software weiterzuentwickeln.
Gamer's workshop Single chip retro game consoleThe classic game Jumping Jack is well known to all the computer enthusiasts which were playing around with the Spectrum computer in the 1980's. The hardware, which you will assemble here, is ready to play the game, without loading or booting up - all you have to do is to connect the console to any standard VGA monitor, and to connect the 5V power supply, or to your computer, via mini USB cable. If you want to have music and game sounds, you can also connect any standard PC speakers or headphones. The full game description is at
Geheimdienste hackenGeheimdienste sammeln eine Menge personenbezogener Daten. Die Speicherung selbiger unterliegt speziellen Datenschutzregeln. In Deutschland und vielen anderen liberalen Rechtsstaaten kann man Daten, die über einen selbst gespeichert sind, mit einem Antrag auf Aktenauskunft gesagt bekommen. Was muss man sagen, was bekommt man zu sehen?
Gentoo e.V. MitgliederversammlungMitgliederversammlung des Fördervereins Gentoo e.V.
GnuPG and its current state of developmentAfter last year's CCC, GnuPG run a succesful fundraising campaign. Werner Koch, principal author of the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), speaks about the process made and the current stage of development
GraffitiLets make some graffiti... cut out shapes with a Cutting Plotter and spray them on "surfaces". Note: need more spraycans.

Wir wollen mit schneitplotter formen ausschneiden und diese daraufhin Sprayen

Wir brauchen noch farben.
Guerrilla Poetry 101Crafting shared poems, developing a voice, and organizing artists to speak truth to power in public
HackbasesHackbases: history, projects updates, and grant program.
Hackerspace Patterns DiscussionWe're all familiar with our own hackerspaces and what works and more importantly what doesn't, but learning these lessons the hard way is no fun. This discussion is a chance to share experience and thoughts on both good and bad community patterns in hackerspaces all over the world.
Haecksen Get TogetherWomen of the congress let’s meet. Discuss, exchange or even create a network. We want to have coffee on day 2 and breakfast on day 3. Bring something to drink or food - there will be cookies and some fruits. This event is women-only* only, whatever „women“ means for you. Feel welcome to join, you don’t need to be a supergeek.
Haecksen write/speak/codeThis is a mentoring session for women who want to get into speaking at conferences, user groups etc. We will help you find your topic and your audience.
Hannibal Lecter und Sauron in einer totalüberwachten WeltThe Classic! As seen on TV (and Easterhegg and MRMCD and Zündfunk Netzkongress):

Wie würden “Das Schweigen der Lämmer” oder “Der Herr Der Ringe” in einer vollständig überwachten Welt aussehen? Wie würde “Rumpelstilzchen” in einem Märchenland mit Geheimdiensten und Vorratsdatenspeicherung ausgehen? Was würde aus dem bösen Wolf in einem Wald voller Kameras und Überwachungstechnik? Müsste er Vegetarier werden? Funktioniert Literatur noch in einer totalüberwachten Welt? Sie macht auf jeden Fall weniger Spaß. Und manche Genres werden sogar völlig sinnlos.

In dieser Neuauflage meines Workshops (u.a. MRMCD, Zündfunk Netzkongress) werde ich diese Fragen beantworten und mit den Teilnehmern weitere Geschichten, Bücher und Filme in eine totalüberwachte Welt übertragen.
Hitobito - Eine Gemeinschaftslösung zur MitgliederverwaltungDeutsch:

Gemeinschaftslösungen auf der Basis von freier Software vereinen Firmen und Organisationen mit gleichen oder ähnlichen Bedürfnissen. Damit verbunden ist ein professionelles Geschäftsmodell, welches sich an der Idee des Crowdfundings orientiert. Die Kunden bilden eine Community, welche die Lösung finanziert und zusammen mit potenziell mehreren Entwicklerfirmen vorantreibt. Die Architektur der Lösung ermöglicht es, individuelle Bedürfnisse und Eigenständigkeiten zu bewahren und dennoch von der gemeinsamen Entwicklung zu profitieren. Zusammen mit den grössten Kinder- und Jugendorganisationen der Schweiz haben wir eine Lösung für die Mitglieder- und Kursverwaltung aufgebaut. Ich möchte euch die Idee der Gemeinschaftslösungen näher bringen und über unsere Erfahrungen aus den Projekten berichten. Wir sind zudem laufend auf der Suche nach neuen Organisationen oder Entwickler(-firmen), die unsere Vision von kollaborativer Software-Entwicklung teilen. Auf diesem Weg soll sich freie Software insbesondere in der öffentlichen Verwaltung und bei NGO etablieren.


Community solutions based on free software unite companies and organizations with the same or similar needs. The associated business model is based on the idea of crowdfunding. The customers form a community which finance the solution and develop it together with potentially several companies or individuals. The architecture of the solution makes it possible to preserve individual needs and still benefit from the joint development. In collaboration with the largest children and youth organizations in Switzerland, we built a solution for the membership and course management. I would like to explain the idea of ​​community solutions and share our experiences from the projects. Moreover, we are constantly looking for new organizations or developers/companies who share our vision of collaborative software development. In this way, we help establishing free software, particularly in the public administration sector and NGOs.
How to start a radical tech collectiveHow to start a group that provides tech services for your community
Häkeln ist keine HexereiEin Workshop für Einsteiger, bei dem auch Fortgeschrittene willkommen sind.

Ich werde anhand von unterschiedlichen Blumen die Häkeltechnik erklären.

Wollreste und ein paar Häkelnadeln zum Start stelle ich bereit. Die Häkelnadel kann dann zum Selbstkostenpreis bei mir mitgenommen werden.

Wer hat kann auch seine eigene Wolle und Nadel mitbringen.
IPFS Install Party ExtravaganzaJoin us for an IPFS Install Party! We'll help everyone get IPFS set up and show how everyone can use it :) What is IPFS you ask? IPFS is a distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, this is similar to the original aims of the Web, but brings in the latest ideas from P2P and cryptography to form a distributed, permanent web.
ISS SSTVThe International Space Station will send SSTV images from orbit on December 26 and 27. We will try to receive these postcards from space.
Improv theater (de)Improv-Theater Workshop als Fortführung des Talks G'scheitern
Improv theater (en)Improvisation theatre workshop for beginners and intermediate levels, in English. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move around in easily.
In Memoriam Caspar Bowden - Transatlantic Privacy AgendaWe want to convene and discuss how to pursue a Transatlantic Privacy Agenda - as as a homage to Caspar Bowden (✝ 9 July 2015)
Internet Telemetry for Great GoodWe will get together with a few experts and discuss the collection, storage and analysis of Internet Telemetry data for tracking bad on the Internet
Introduction to soy bean fermentation - Tempeh makingYou will learn preparation of soy beans for subsequent fermentation with microbial culture producing tempeh and maybe another ferment.
Jam-SessionBring you guitar, djembe, tone drum, electronic instruments etc and lets jam at midnight!
Jeoparty HardUrsprünglich wollten wir Jeopardy im Hauptprogramm veranstalten - aber Ray und Sec haben sich ja zum Glück dieses Jahr dazu entschieden, doch wieder aufzutreten. Dennoch wollen wir ein bisschen spielen - im kleineren Rahmen
JunghackertagHands-on Technology & Data-Security / Solder workshop for kids
Kefir makingKefir making is wonderful ancient endeavor providing you with extremely diverse and healthy microbial product - kefir!
KinkyGeeks Bondage Workshop 1All KinkyGeeks Bondage Workshop Information will be available at
KinkyGeeks Bondage Workshop 2All KinkyGeeks Bondage Workshop Information will be available at
Klangliege - KlangmassageSound and relaxing - musical intervals and math - playing and fun with a big String instrument. Ich bringe eine Klagliege mit, die irgendwo im Chillout-Bereich der Lounge stehen wird. Es handelt sich ursprünglich um ein Monochord bzw. Polychord mit 3x 21 Saiten, in das ich Harmonien gestimmt habe. Das Teil steht wie ein Tisch oder eine Liege auf vier Beinen. Die ca. 200x70 cm grosse Oberseite des Klagkörpers kann als Liegefläche benutzt werden. Dadurch werden Klang und Schwingung mit dem ganzen Körper wahrgenommen. Dieses ungewöhnliche Musikinstrument dient der Entspannung. Ich benutze es außerdem zur Unterstützung unkonventioneller Heilmethoden - Aluhut bereithalten ;) Theorie und Praxis nach Lust und Laune. Auch für Kinder geeignet.
Knit HacksPlease join us for a meetup of knit hacks and and knitting software projects at Ayab booth in Hall 3 at the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. This year we have seen a lot of new hacks of knitting machines from Pfaff and Brother. While there is a lot of interest in using the software, it is difficult to engage with new developers as they often do not have access to machines. How can we improve the situation and welcome new contributors? How can we use the available program funding for students more efficiently?
Knowledge InfrastructuresA techincal and hands-on continuation of the Public Library/Memory of the World session
Kombucha is easyCome and learn how to make tasty and healthy kombucha, so you can continue to brew your own at home or at your local hackerspace!
LEAP Encryption Access ProjectOverwiew of the LEAP Encryption Access Project
LEAP Provider Hands-OnEver wanted to run your own secure LEAP provider, hosting VPN and email ?
LearnToSolderLearn to Solder! A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully -- and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.

This ongoing workshop will be happening concurrently with lots of other way cool workshops at the Hardware Hacking Area!
Logistik und DatenschutzIn der Weihnachtszeit erhält man viele Pakete und verschickt diese. Hierbei gibt man elementare Daten preis, die in diesem Kontext stark zweckgebunden sind und besonderen Vorschriften unterliegen (siehe PDSV). Wir wollen einmal sehen, wie sich die gängigen Logistikunternehmen in Sachen Datenschutz aufstellen.
Loklak: Distributed Tweet and IoT Search Serverloklak is a back-end search- and storage-infrastructure for microblog-messages and the Internet of Things. Make your own search portal! loklak scrapes tweets from twitter html pages (more message sources to come). We+You collect and share tweets in a peer-to-peer network. API Example? Easy, call /api/search.json?q=<search-term> for official Twitter API-like results or /api/search.rss?q=<search-term> for opensearch/rss results. You don't need a twitter account or an OAuth key.
MUC:SECWe're members of the Munich Security (MUC:SEC) Meetup Group who got lost and found ourselves waaaay in the north in Hamburg. the only thing to console us will be beer and banter.
MaTea Time - a round of mate to refresh the mindCome and drink a round of mate in between talks and learn a little about the main ingredient in your favourite limo
Machine to be Another meet&greetMeeting to kickstart machine to be another assembly at 32c3. We'll show the hardware we have and discuss how the 3 days will unfold and meet the people interested. Meeting is december 27th in hall B at 4.30pm
Map figuring out where stuff is

The CCH is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts compared to the CCH. Most people are overwhelmed with the place thats why we need maps. We are going to hand out maps and travel thought space. If you can`t find us, go to the Main entrance were we are probably going to meet first.

Der CCH ist als location Ideal um sich zu verirren wir haben vor Karten zu verteilen und das Congress Center zu erkunden.

Wir treffen uns am Eingang.
MeditationDE: Der Kongress neigt sich dem Ende zu. Zeit zur Ruhe zu kommen... EN: The congress is soon comming to an end. Time to calm down again...
Mobilfunkanbindung von HochgeschwindigkeitszügenDie Konnektivität von WLANs in Zügen zum Internet wird standardmäßig über Mobilfunk hergestellt. Dabei unterscheidet sich die Architektur nach gefahrenen Geschwindigkeiten bzw. Anzahl zu versorgender Clients im Zug. Im Talk wird es einen Überblick zur Standardarchitektur bei Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen geben, mit Fokus auf die Zug-Land-Kommunikation. Es geht um Mobilfunkmodems, Antennen und warum TCP keine Züge mag. Wie kann die Übertragung gemanaged werden und warum ist das eigentlich echt geiler Scheiß. Ein paar Einblicke in Flaws und Tradeoffs wird es auch geben.
Morse codeKurzvortrag über meine Erfahrungen beim Morsen lernen, warum eines es lernen sollte und welche Seiten/Programme dabei helfen.
Mozilla Community MeetupJoin us at the Mozilla Community Meetup and learn how you can help to build and grow the Open Web.
NerfgunBattleTired of egoshooters? Feeling the need for better graphics, realistic physics and surround sound? Join the big Nerf-Gun Battle at 32c3! Come around - bring your own device - get shot!
NewPalmyraA Meet-Up on New Palmyra. We want to introduce the New Palmyra project about a digital reconstruction of the demolished Palmyra world heritage sites and discuss ways how we could contribute to the project.
NootropicsNootropics (also called smart drugs, neuro enhancers, etc) are substances - drugs, supplements, and functional foods - that improve one or more aspects of cognitive performance. Bring your noots and notes.
Numerical Weather Prediction TutorialA workshop about running your own Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model.
Open Science WorkshopA workshop/discussion round for anybody interested in the different facets of Open Science/Research. Newbies are welcome!
Open dataworkshop open data in Europe, data sources, support and funding
Open data and extractive industriesopen data and extractive industries, openoil
Paranioa XPWe want to play a game of Paranioa XP with you.
Participating in EU Security Research: Shaping the Agenda
Pixelated Hands OnHands on experience on how to install the pixelated provider.
Postapocalyptic jewellery workshopwe make jewellery from found objects from the congress, from leftovers of other workshops or the hardware hacking area. feel free to bring own material or choose from provided stuff!
Public Library/Memory of the WorldIs the discourse of individual freedoms and privacy as the prevalence answer to the political crisis today enough?
Python.Processing.ArduinoCombine the simplicity of Processing with the power of Python and hack the Arduino!
Queer Feminist Geeks GatheringA meetup for all the queer feminist geek folk.

We will talk a bit about our assembly and what we are doing there, exchange projects and ideas, and network with each other.

This meetup is open to people of all genders, but please be mindful of how much space you are taking up. Especially if you are white, male, straight and cis, please try to actively listen instead of talking.
Replacing BigG's "Play" services with the microG ProjectThis talk will give a brief introduction of the microG Project, which aims to provide a replacement for libraries and other user-space proprietary components Google introduced to the Android operating system. It will focus on the latest development to lock users and developers into their proprietary system, called "Play Services".
Resin Vacuum CastingWe will demonstrate to everyone who wants to learn, how to make complicated, bubblefree resin casts with the help of a vacuum chamber and how to operate high power vacuum equipment.
Resistance and Recuperation in Technological Cycles: For a Social History of Internet Relay Chat (IRC)Discussing newer and newer generations of technologies as cycles of critique and recuperation through the (counter-)example of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) history.
Respect My NetLa Quadrature du Net tries to develop tool that can help citizens to take the power back and to help with net neutrality and human rights online advocacy. This workshop is about giving a new start to respect my net!, a tool used to list and document ent-neutrality violations in Europe.
Room blocking for junghackertagVorbesprechung für alle Helfer am Junghackertag
SEXWe provide a low profile platform for the exchange of __plant__ seeds.
SMD assembly for terrified beginnersMaterial cost 15€/kit. For people afraid of surface mount assembly/rework. You know those tiny little components in modern electronic devices? It's both possible and easy to assemble those by hand. You can do it, and I'll teach you how. Think you don't have the tools? Think you can't manually place 0402s? Everything is possible with patience and practice. The equipment is minimal and you probably already have it. We're going to build two switch-mode power supplies (one step-up, one step-down) using tiny SMD parts. They're going to work. We'll learn the answer to THERE'S A SHORT ON A TINY PART OMG WHAT NOW? After this, you'll no longer need to be scared of SMD. Takes one hour. Avoid caffeine immediately before the workshop, because shaky hands are a disadvantage.
SNIPInternal meeting for SNIP participants.
Safe Harbor 2.0 - Q&A with Max SchremsI'm Max - Ask me anything! Join us for a Q&A session with Max Schrems about the ruling of the CJEU on the Safe Harbor agreement, the future of data transfers to third countries and what all this means for the enforcement of our privacy rights.
Scene Demos Vol. 1A small session to watch some demos, entertaining, non-interactive programs on different platforms from C64 to PC.
Science Fiction DiscussionWhat can science fiction help us imagine that we may not be able to imagine otherwise? Can science fiction provide a way to envision post-capitalist techno-utopias (and is that something we want)? What do you think about certain sci-fi becoming mimetic to describe civil liberties violations and surveillance capabilities? We will focus on these issues but will open the discussion to a broad conversation about science fiction as well. Feel free to bring a few books (in any language) for a science fiction book swap!
ShadowrunWe would like to play a game of Shadowrun with you.
Social Engineering Poetry Slam (pilot)Present your social engineering experience or fictional story on how to deceive or manipulate people in the attacker's malicious interest.
Social Engineering Poetry Slam bootstrapEver wondered how social engineering attacks happen? This session's purpose is to design a poetry slam-like event with an audience award. Poets present their experience and ideas on how social engineering attacks can look like -- be it based on imagination or experience, stand-alone presentation or interaction with the audience. If we manage agreeing on a concept, we can hopefully organise a pilot slam on day 3.
State of the Internat AS201701duplicate of
Subtitles-EngelmeetingAngel meeting of the subtitles angels. If you want to participate, fell free!
Tails backupLearn how to make a backup of your Persistent Volume in Tails
Tails-conmetinternal meeting
The EU wants to regulate Wikipedia, Facebook, AirBnB... have your say in just 20 minutesHands-on session, bring your laptop!

The European Commission has launched a public consultation with the rather unwieldy name "Regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy", which will be open for responses until January 6.

This consultation, which is open to anyone in the form of an online survey, could be decisive for new laws to regulate what the Commission calls online platforms. Clearly large American Internet companies are what the designers of the survey had in mind when they thought of platforms, but the definition of platforms proposed in the survey is much broader and could apply to anything from your personal website to not-for-profit collaborative projects like Wikipedia.

Questions range from rules for dealing with hate speech to copyright and liability, transparency and interoperability requirements for the operators of online platforms. That's why it's important that the Commission hears from as many users and developers of these platforms as possible, to ensure that they don't come up with any rules with drastic unintended consequences.
The Flashcat ProjectATTENTION: Unfortunately, this talk is canceled because the speakers did not get a ticket for 32C3

The Flashcat project aims to provide a 100% open-source flashing tool. It is meant as a support equipment for the libreboot project and will hopefully replace common tools like the BeagleBoneBlack, Raspberry Pi or Bus Pirate which rely on non-disclosed intellectual property. More generally, Flashcat is a step towards building a proper open-source toolchain -- an essential prerequisite for the development of trustworthy machinery in future.

Kai & Tomás
The Fuzzing ProjectWe have powerful and easy to use tools that can vastly improve the quality and security of the code we use everyday. The session will give an introduction to fuzzing, the tool american fuzzy lop and the compiler feature Address Sanitizer.

If there is enough interest we can continue doing a practical hands-on session afterwards

Last year I started the Fuzzing Project as an effort to improve the security of free software code. In May the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative decided to fund my work.

Slides PDF:

Slides on Slideshare:
The future of how we use computers -- and the history of the future of how we use computers…The goal of this session is to start a discussion on how we interact with computers, what kinds of user interfaces and interaction paradigms are possible, how computers can aid us in and shape our way of working, living and thinking with a focus on the grand scale -- thinking big and outside the widely established norms.
The next big story to break: They have been hacking into minds.Why does a elected politician turn 180 degrees after being elected? Why does your friend -who has risen to a top job- sudden act so weird? Their mind are being hacked and foreign thoughts are being inserted. Well known security aware ppl wonder how the fuck do they know my biggest secrets?

Scientific study has shown that the mind is non-localized. Obfuscation for: Our bodies are drones that we operate them from a distance. C3 talk for: this can be hacked. And it has been done by the power that control us.

This is a round table meeting about mindcontrol stacking. Is is a meetup for hackers that know how to query/access the Akashic records and have already clocked in many uncountable hours as a astral/energy warrior.

If you are new to the subject, you are also welcome but please obey the following safetly rules. When there are enough warriors we will be doing an energy version of musical chairs. Everybody will be contributing some knowledge. With this the energy in the room will get denser. When it gets too dense for you, your mind will say: This is all bullshit!! Respect this. Leave. It is your bodies way of protecting you. Next stage is that you feel (really, really) sick, than walk away. If you ignore these warnings, your life will become seriously fucked up for months.

The meetup is to swap the latest insights for different movements of 1. (If you know your thoughts can be altered you dont want to start a hierarchical movement).

Starts: 29/12/2015 @21:00 Hall13
Thunderbird UpdateWhat is best for Thunderbird and for the Mozilla project in the perspective of technological and organizational development? Our discussions are at a very early stage and we would love to get ideas, input and proposals at this session from users and developers.
Tor Relay Operators MeetupAre you operating a Tor relay? Are you thinking about it? Come by and exchange with other relay operators!
Versammlungsfreiheit in GefahrA workshop about the freedom of assembly in danger, especially with the look on data transfer from/to police and secret services. Language and context will be german - if no one others will dissent! For more details have a look at the full description of this event.
Volca MeetupMeet up and play around with different synthesizers, like the Korg Volca series and similar.
Whiskey Tasting & Culinary EventWe will hold a Scottish whisky tasting event based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Drink) aka share your good whiskey with others, while the FHB crew surrounds this event with variety of culinary gems.
WhiskyThis is the fifth incarnation of the popular whisky evening. It's fairly simple: If you enjoy good whisky with nice people, or are planing to do so, join us. We'll have the virtual chimney fire going.
Whiskyleaksas traditional we gather at milliways and socialize while drinking awesome whisk(e)ys, that we brought. So - bring your own whisk(e)y.
Why I sometimes need lots of w(h)ine as member of Amazon VINE ... and Amazon costumerCancelled Talk von TanjaTimanfaya und @habrok42 über das Produkttesterprogramm von Amazon, haarsträubende Bugs im Online-Shop und was Euch als Kunden in Zukunft erwarten dürfte.
Wikidata, the encyclopedia by bots, for botsThis workshop aims to explain what Wikidata is, and how to use it. We'll explore the data mode, web API, and query interface. Wikidata is the world's largest free general purpose knowledge base. As a Wikimedia-run sister project of Wikipedia, it provides machine readable information about just about anything. It's the encyclopedia by bots, for bots.
Women and children in refugee campsWomen are fewer than male Newcomers and yet they are not given priorities

The workshop concept is:

1. To identify the problems.

2. How to improve and find possible solutions to the existing problems with a clearly defined plan.

3. Organizing an empowerment skills workshop, like organizing computer lessons as a means of education, supporting them in enrolling for the Ausbildung programme, entreprenurship ideas, etc.

4. And finally to keep track for collective support, connection and networking we need to develop afollow up plan, (if people are interested for coordination reason)

This workshop is held by Fatuma Musa Afrah.
Wordclock Workshop:Bau deine eigene Wortuhr am 32C3. Workshop vom Fablab Nürnberg
Workshop on email encryption with GnuPG and Nitrokey hardwareLOCATION: Hall 13 (NOT Mozilla Assembly) We will give an overview on how to encrypt emails with GnuPG and with the open Nitrokey hardware. Also SSH authentication with the Nitrokey will be covered. It's an workshop to bring your own device and where attendees can help each other.
YBTIPlaceholder for various YBTI-related talks (details TBA).
ZINE making THINGCome and read_write_make zines. Recommended for anyone unfamiliar with zines ;)
Zwiebelfreunde MitgliederversammlungMitgliederversammlung des Zwiebelfreunde e.V.


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