Level 0
Size (in m²) 1000
Seats 250

PA System, Multiple Beamers, Seats, Bars, Turbine, Stage, Games and much more!


This room is planned by dj-spock and you cannot use it to plan your own sessions!

Location 3494.53123, 3268.21205

The Lounge

Located: Halle H - ground floor - entrance thru Foyer

Enter the other world, in the congress world!

Visit "The Lounge", the hot-spot of fun and culture on 32c3.

Have a drink, hang around with DJs, liveacts, concerts, performances and great music. Play a game in our "game center". Socialize. Have fun!

In the nightime, "The Lounge" transform in to the ultimate party location!! A lot of great acts will bring you to an extasy!

You can find the descriptions and the line up in our calender, check it out now!

Check out the lineup below!! (Please note: the times are not accurate and the lineup can have minor changes. Check here or on twitter.)

For fast updates follow the Lounge on twitter: @C3Lounge

Die Spieleberatung (in the Baloon-Car!) A whole world of play awaits you at Spieleberatung. Not only do we present self-developed games such as Fingertwister, Trinkmemory or Verungestalt, we also lend exclusive animal costumes and offer personal counsellings on your gamer's type. During the four days and nights of 32c3 we collect the visitor's favourite games and spread them back into the masses. Join us in turning the whole area into a playground, creating rules for new worlds and exploring and debating the mechanisms and meanings of games. The Game Parlour is open for all forms of collaboration and participation.

Brought to you by Torben, Kathia, Martje, Miko and Sarah from Hamburg, Berlin and Bern.


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