Description We believe that the current internet stack must be completely revised to establish a secure privacy preserving internet as a space to unfold basic civil rights which are threatened by mass spying. We envision the new stack to be free software, decentralized, distributed, end-to-end-encrypted, with meta-data-protection, easy to use, efficient, wifi mesh-networking capable and well-documented.

We start with a thorough evaluation of existing projects and by building bridges between them to achieve what none of them could do alone.

Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) software, network, security
Tags EDN, YBTI, GNU consensus, privacy, new internet, Research, Wifi, Mesh, security, testing, evaluation, building bridges
Processing assembly YBTI
Person organizing Demos
Language en - English
en - English
Related to EDN- Echt Dezentrales Netz
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Starts at 2015/12/29 17:00
Ends at 2015/12/29 18:30
Duration 90 minutes
Location Hall F

Here we and interested people meet, exchange ideas towards the project evaluation and bridge building. A more specific session will be EDN_API.

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