Description Overwiew of the LEAP Encryption Access Project
Type Talk
Kids session No
Keyword(s) software, security
Tags leap, encryption, security, vpn, email, provider, bitmask
Processing assembly Anarchist Village
Person organizing Varac, Meskio
Language en - English
en - English
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Subtitle Introduction
Starts at 2015/12/28 13:00
Ends at 2015/12/28 13:45
Duration 45 minutes
Location Hall A.2

LEAP is a dedicated to giving all internet users access to secure communication. Our focus is on adapting encryption technology to make it easy to use and widely available. Like free speech, the right to whisper is an necessary precondition for a free society. Without it, civil society and political freedom become impossible. As the importance of digital communication for civic participation increases, so does the importance of the ability to digitally whisper. LEAP is devoted to making the ability to whisper available to all internet users.

We talk about the current state of VPN and encrypted email services and the use cases for providers and end users.

There will be a follow-up session how to setup your own LEAP provider: LEAP Provider Hands-On

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