Description La Quadrature du Net tries to develop tool that can help citizens to take the power back and to help with net neutrality and human rights online advocacy.

This workshop is about giving a new start to respect my net!, a tool used to list and document ent-neutrality violations in Europe.

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Keyword(s) software
Tags lqdn, development, advocacy, python, django
Processing assembly TeaHouse
Person organizing Okhin
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Subtitle Let's peak inside Respect My Net
Starts at 2015/12/29 16:00
Ends at 2015/12/29 17:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Hall C.4

This Session is about relaunching and modernising the Net Neutrality MONitor tool, currently used on [1]. This tool is a crowd-sourcing application for easuring, analyzing and reporting violation of the net neutrality in Europe.

It's a quite simple tool, but it enables people in the EU to know what's happening with their ISPs and to report violations, to help with advocacy toward other organisation or MEP which makes it the kind of tool we like at LQDN.

We want to develop it a step frther, especially to generalise it and to simplifies it's installation and administration for other orgs to use such crowd-sourcing tool to monitor things happening in almost-democratic country. For instance, it cna be used to track abuse of State of Emergency, corruptions issue, and all kind of issues which needs people reporting and feedback to help develope a better democracy.

During this session, there will be a quick introduction to the project, followed by a presentation of the current issues faced by this tool.

The code base is now in python 3 and django1.8, but all help is appreciated - especially help in designing interfaces, translating things, or writing of ansible-like recipes.

If you want to be involved with LQDN, it's also a good place to go (of course, you can still hang around TeaHouse and drink tea if you want).

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