If you work on some project on 30C3 or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form. You can also add a project section to your Assemblies page.

Reserving seats and table space for your project

This time there a lot will be different, as we want you to bring more of that Camp feeling to the Congress! There is this Assemblies thing, that should work much like Villages on the Camp, but not exactly the same way. So your project page will be for your project, but not for reserving seats.

But you feel your work will be interesting for others to come around and have a look at it or talk to you? Set up an Assembly as a home base for you and your fellow hackers and maybe even more of your projects.

List of projects

List of Projects

  description assembly
30C3 3D Printed Badge (or R0ket Part) 30C3 Printed badge or R0ket Parts 3d printer
3D Printing and Scanning The copyshop of the future. Here you will get an answer to every question you have about 3D printing and scanning Entropolis
3d printer
ACAB The famous AllColoursAreBeautiful-Installation MuCCC
AYAB AYAB (all yarns are beautiful) is a Brother KH-910 knitting machine where the main controlling unit was replaced with a custom Arduino control unit to be able to knit two-coloured pictures with up to 200 px width. Data is fed to the machine using a very simple API over the serial communication of the Arduino. MuCCC
Applied Crypto Hardening The simplest instructions to do crypto hardening of your server daemons to protect your online communication! Leiwandville
ArduinoDMX Let an Arduino be a server or client in the DMX512 protocol for controlling stage lights. CCCFr
Askemos Askemos eliminates the need for trust in digital relationships – be it trust in physical components or in people. Askemos is an autonomous meta-operating system for the clouds: Ethical cloud computing for the future.
Atari 2600 VCS hacking Retro-hacking to the max: coding on the 1977 Atari 2600 VCS Aussenstelle511
Banjax Apache Traffic Server Plugin to detect bots and ban them defeating DDoS attackers trying to silence online voices. NoisySquare
Barcode Memory Find the "matching" barcodes in our Barcode Memory game with a barcode scanner. Barcode pairs represent the same image shown on a monitor. LEDs show the barcode status. Milliways
BiscuIT Freies Schul-Informations-System Teckids
BookScanner Demonstration of a Bookscanner from diybookscanner.org and diybookscanner.eu mounted at La Quadrature du Net's location in Paris. Scanning of Books for every hacker at the 30C3! Bring your books! LaQuadratureDuNet
Brewing This project is about brewing both non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, so come shear and learn! Food Hacking Base
Button Maker Create your own buttons! RaumZeitLabor
CAcert CAcert.org is a community driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free. Cryptoparty
CNC I'll bring a very small, mobile CNC machine for 4 axis milling, 3d printing and vector cutting. CCCFr
Carcassonne Spielen und implementieren des bekannten Strategiespiels Carcassonne Teckids
Cctvmap We build a OSM based Map for mapping the surveillance... Anarchist Village
ChaosVPN The ChaosVPN project is located at milliways. Milliways
Chaospatinnen Patensystem, um schüchterne Neulinge zum Congressbesuch zu ermuntern.
ChipWhisperer A working Chip Whisperer setup to try out side channel attacks on the cheap. MuCCC
CivicSummit An edemocracy experiment CivicSummit
Cocoaheads Austria OS X and iOS Developer's community in Austria. Leiwandville
Code Slamming We'll be slamming code (poetry) during the whole conference. Das Gängeviertel
Congressradio Beiträge und Interviews vom Kongress auf Freie Radios!
Copyright Debate: The Conference Game Language frames the discussion. Thus it is necessary to understand the words we use, their context, and the way they are used by others. So let's talk & let's play "Copyright Debate: The Conference Game" Modern Poland Foundation
CryptoParty Graz The Graz/Austria Chapter of CryptoParty
CryptoParty Wien The Vienna/Austria Chapter of CryptoParty Leiwandville
Datendichtung für Firefox Einstellung des Browsers Firefox, um die Datenspur beim Surfen zu minimieren. Setup for the browser Firefox to minimize the datatrace during surfing the web. Cryptoparty
Ddserver ddserver is a server-side application for dynamic DNS management. Magrathea Laboratories (mag.lab)
DeforaOS DeforaOS Operating System project - in line with Clean-Slate Internet, working on providing a system and user environment more adapted to modern needs. DeforaOS
Detector.io DetecTor is an open source project to implement client side SSL/TLS MITM detection, compromised CA detection and server impersonation detection, by making use of the Tor network. Cryptoparty
Digitale Selbstverteidigung Digitale Selbstverteidigung und Selbstdatenschutz: Datenschutz und Verschlüsseln in Eigenregie
Django Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Python
Dn42 peerings Improve dn42 with more peerings DN42
DocPatch Ob Mensch oder Maschine: DocPatch ermöglicht das Nachvollziehen aller Veränderungen des Grundgesetzes für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland seit seinem Inkrafttreten im Jahr 1949. Die Plattform enthält den vollständigen, maschinenlesbaren Gesetzestext zuzüglich passender Metadaten, die damit in Verbindung stehen und durch eine Webseite zugänglich gemacht werden. Neben verschiedenen Datumsangaben jeder einzelnen Änderung finden sich dort Abstimmungsverhältnisse sowie eine Liste der Unterzeichner. Chaospott
EDRi This is EDRi as a project to match the wiki semantics. NoisySquare
EFF This is a placeholder for projects of EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) NoisySquare
ELNA sewing machine hacking ELNA sewing machines can be programmed by 3D printing small discs. We want to find out more and do our own sewing patterns! Starship Factory
EdgeBSD EdgeBSD - working on NetBSD together with Git as the VCS DeforaOS
Embroidery Get your nickname or hackerspace logo on your favorite clothing with our CAD embroidery machines (Brother and Husqvarna). RaumZeitLabor
Enlightenment / EFL Enlightenment is not just a window manager for Linux/X11 and others, but also a whole suite of libraries to help you create beautiful user interfaces with much less work than doing it the old fashioned way and fighting with traditional toolkits, not to mention a traditional window manager. It covers uses from small mobile devices like phones all the way to powerful multi-core desktops (which are the primary development environment).
EveryCook EveryCook is a project consisting of two parts:

The EveryCook hardware, a raspberry pi controlled cooking device that can cut, stir, scale, cook and pressurecook. it is open source hard-and software.

The EveryCook database to store machine readable recipes, nutrient values, and the products of shops and farmers as well as the places where these products can be purchased. The database is open for all food data and resealed under GPLv3.
Digital Cooking
Example Project This is just an example project located at the Example Assembly. Example Assembly
Experimental Incubator Lets come together and discuss and hopefully also progress on how to build up an open source experimental incubator for variety of fermentations. Food Hacking Base
FaZzZ0r Use our our famous 40Watt CO2 Lasercutter to engrave your laptop, mobile phone, etc. RaumZeitLabor
Fairnopoly Als Sozialunternehmen möchte Fairnopoly eine faire Alternative zu den bestehenden großen Online-Marktplätzen bieten. Auf unserem Marktplatz kann praktisch jede Art von Artikeln und Dienstleistungen angeboten werden. Fairnopoly ist als Genossenschaft organisiert und zeichnet sich dabei durch drei Kernelemente aus:

1. Ein Faires Unternehmensmodell 2. Die Förderung von verantwortungsvollem Konsum

3. Ein Beitrag zur Korruptionsbekämpfung
FederatedSocialWeb The W3C Federated Social Web Community group unites people who want to create a Standards-based, Open and Privacy-aware Social Web
Fenrir Fenrir's aim is to provide a single, efficient and extremely flexible protocol to manage authentication, authorization and encryption in federated environments.
Flipdots We made some games you can play on our flipdot displays Aussenstelle511
Flocky Deckenlicht der K95 WG Entropolis
Fluuub We are sending around a capsule. Leiwandville
Frab frab is a web-based conference planning and management system. It helps to collect submissions, to manage talks and speakers and to create a schedule. C4
FullCircle Fullcircle is somewhat like Blinkenlights and ACAB - yet completely different. It is a wall of light, consisting of many IKEA boxes with colored LEDs in each one. C3MA and CCCFFM
GNUnet GNU's framework for secure peer-to-peer networking Youbroketheinternet
GSMmap Crowdsourcing mobile network security assessment.
GeekCase Ein "mobiler" Arbeitsplatz für 2 Geeks. Eine art Koffer zum Abschließen, Perfekt für den Congress! A "mobile" workdesk for 2 geeks. A kind of suitcase, Perfect for the Congress!
GlobaLeaks GlobaLeaks 2 is the first Anonymous Whistleblowing Framework, already used by 7 organization for investigative journalism, anticorruption and antimafia purposes, that's fully configurable via a web administration interface and can be setup in 5 minutes. It's very modular (w/REST API) and very secure (PGP encryption, 3 penetration tests, awareness information, etc). NoisySquare
Guerillaknitting 101 - lets yarnbomb 30C3! This talk/workshop will give a colorful and practical introduction into the art of guerillaknitting. A 101 of urban knitting will be presented as well as many inspiring examples of global knithacking - by individuals, local and global communities with trees, bridges, tanks, cars, planes, stones or power cords covered in knitting. Attendants will learn the basics of how to yarnbomb a place such as the 30C3. Bring knitting needles and wool but if you didn't - there will be some available. Lets join forces to beautify the congress centre!
HONKHASE ACTION FIGURES making an 3D scan of the HONK
Hackerschnitzeljagd A hacker scavenger hunt...
Hacking (with) care BALANCE, EMBODIMENT, CARE, BODY & SOUL GOODNESS FOR AWARE, LIVELY, CARING HACKERS Massages, massage tutorials, stretching, caring touch, nail art, chit-chat and tips and YOU ! LaQuadratureDuNet
Hammer and Tongs Parsing all the things! Milliways
Hard-reset.de - Podcast Wir sind die macher vom Hard-Reset Podcast und Produzieren Live auf dem 30C3
Herbstluftwm herbstluftwm is a manual tiling window manager for X11 using Xlib and Glib. FAUlty Assembly
Hopper.pw hopper.pw is a free to use, open source dynamic DNS service with IPv4 and IPv6 support - relying on an awesome software stack: python, django, postgres, nginx and powerdns
I2P I2P is a mixed-license free and open source project building an anonymous network. The network is a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. I2P
ISDS Investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) gives multinationals the right to sue states before special tribunals if changes in law may lead to lower profits than expected. Multinationals can challenge reform of copyright and patent law, challenge environmental and health policies. A growing number of civil society groups see ISDS as a threat to democracy.
Junghackertag Hands-on Technology & Data-Security
Kill Your Phone! Open design laboratory and workshop to passively block your phone from sending, receiving, watching or listening. Make your own signal blocking Faraday pouch! How to wrap your phone to kill any wireless connection? How to pack your phone so it can't record any sound? Which materials work best? Where to get them? What are the cheapest and fastest solutions? We have cloths, tools and a sewing machine. Feel free to join! Bring your own stuff! contact: workshop at killyourphone com Das Gängeviertel
Kimchi frenzy More kimchi than you can handle! Make kimchi, taste various kinds of kimchi, eat dishes made with kimchi; kimchi galore! Food Hacking Base
KittenGroomer This project aims to be used by someone receiving a USB key from an untrusted source and who want to see the content you do not know what is on it without opening the original and potentially malicious files.
Knitting the Swing Why this title?

That’s because the knitting technique form swinging stanzas which look like waves and give stunning effects to your knitting.

The main technique is to start a short-row-element with always the same amount of stitches and move this row, using a mathematical sequence of numbers for each short-row-field (stanza) of your work. This sequence could be any math sequence you invent, and you follow it throughout the whole project.
Kombucha is easy Learn how to brew your own kombucha at your home or your local hackerspace! Food Hacking Base
Kommunikationsplattform für Minderjährige Konzeptionierung einer freien und sicheren Kommunikationsplattform für Kinder und Jugendliche Teckids
KryoFlux KryoFlux is an USB floppy controller, which can read almost every floppy format ever created and can create preservation-quality dumps for emulation and writing back to other floppies. C4
Laser Projector We're bringing a small DIY laser projector. If you have one too, bring it as well! Warsaw Hackerspace
Linspector Linspector is a software for monitoring the vital information of hosts, services and devices in a network. Python
LiveRadiationMonitoring We bring a geiger counter setup to the CCCFr assembly to have live radiation monitoring, visualized (almost) live via some nice graphs on our webpage. CCCFr
Locus Android app and web interface, which lets you locate friends within the congress center based on available wifi access points at their current location. FAUlty Assembly
Lounge We came to dance. This is where we party. Milliways
Das Gängeviertel
Luftschleuse2 The new and universal Hackerspace Locking-System. MuCCC
MEre Management Engine discussion, reversing, vulnerabilities and the like MEre
Mailpile A modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features. Free software. NoisySquare
Mate Circle We want to introduce the Mate Circle to the Congress. During breaks come to the Chill-out Lounge in the Villa Straylight to try different mates served in the traditional way (warm in a cuia and bomba) and let all of your questions regarding mate be answered.
Mate Light China LEDs plus Mate bottles = fucking huge display
Mate Mythology Butoh inspired performance on the origins of Mate, focusing on the connection aspects and concluding with a Mate circle.
MediaGoblin MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. Wherever Yair is
Mo's Sticker Exchange A big box waiting for your stickers. Please bring stickers from your project(s), hackerspace(s), actions, and take out what you want. NoisySquare
MoinMoin MoinMoin Wiki software Python
Net Research Net Net for activist+academics researching Net as a social fenomen
Net neutrality all bits are created equal NoisySquare
Net2o net2o reinvents the Internet: path switching instead of routing, new flow control, multi-command packets, always-on encryption. Forth-Gesellschaft
NetBSD NetBSD is a free, fast, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system. DeforaOS
Nsupdate.info nsupdate.info dynamic DNS software (and service) Python
OBAI Brause Since the much loved OHAI Brause (OHAI sherbet) got lawyered, we're making our own fizzy energy stuff! Shackspace
OnionCat OnionCat is a VPN-adapter which allows to connect two or more computers or networks through VPN-tunnels. It is designed to use the anonymization networks Tor or I2P as its transport, hence, it provides location-based anonymity while still creating tunnel end points with private unique IP addresses. Cypherpunk.at
OpenSeaMap OpenSeaMap is the free nautical chart. Are you sailing on a boat, you love the canoe or explore the underwater sea as a passionated diver? The OpenSeaMap will give you directions on where to find some new adventures. We are hackers all around the seamark-tags in the OpenStreetMap. Visit us to get to know the OpenSeaMap and do some cool hacking on nautical and marine stuff. OpenStreetMap
OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap is an initiative to create and provide free geographic data, such as street maps, to anyone. OpenStreetMap
Openage A free (as in freedom) clone of the Age of Empires II engine. StuStaNet e. V.
Openjobs.io Fixing the way available job positions publishment works in a new standardized format. CCC-CH
Parity Bits Is a placeholder for discussion about the shared values of the CCC community and how to protect and further develop them for future generations of nerds to come. (It is right now heavily work in progress and has nothing to deliver, yet.)
Peervpn PeerVPN is a software that builds virtual ethernet networks between multiple computers. Such a virtual network can be useful to facilitate direct communication that applications like file sharing or gaming may need. Chaos Darmstadt
Pewter casting Pewter (Zinn) Casting.. We can cast any simple form (e.g. 3D prints) in pewter, using my "clay" rings :-)
Podding A text file-based podcast CMS, currently in development.
Projectmovie Capturing some of the athmosphere of 30C3 and show casing som of the rather awesome projects. I always try to get enouhg footage for a 90 minute feature film and I guess I might get there this year. So if you have some project you'd like to talk about, let me know it! Shackspace
PyABike Playing with the Call a bike API KoFfeIn
Pyneo software stack for mobile devices
R0ket In Fairydust we trust. MuCCC
Rathaxes Rathaxes is DSL to write device drivers. The language is designed to separate device specific and OS specific code to make driver code re-usable across different devices, different kernel versions and totally different kernels. LSE
Reicast reicast is a fast, open source, multi platform dreamcast emulator
Renderwahn Showcasing 1200+ works of CAA (computer assisted art), conceived and created since 1994. CCCHH
ReverseEngineeringLensProtocols Reverse Engineering the Protocol of Micro Four Thirds Lenses used by Panasonic and Olympus cameras. CCCFr
ReverseEngineeringZoommH5Protocol During EasterHegg in Basel I already reverse engineered the protocol of the popular remote for the Zoom H4n audio recorder. Now I'm doing the same for the new Zoom H5. CCCFr
SMSAPI "What you gonna text?"
SailfishHacking Hacking together Sailfish applications, porting and packaging existing applications for SailfishOS and the Jolla phone. Chaoswelle
Secushare Scalable multi-user many-to-many applications on top of PSYC and GNUnet. Outside the reach of the man in the middle. Youbroketheinternet
Seidenstrasse A pneumatic tube system built from non-perforated (airtight) drainage pipe and vacuum cleaners. Being an Open Artwork, Seidenstrasse is a revision of the OCTO installation by the artist group Telekommunisten (http://telekommunisten.net/octo/, 2013). New features are: A decentralized mesh-style, push-preferred network with endpoints (no vacuum cleaners) and nodes (push-forward / pull on request). A new feature is the option to have onion routing to allow for anonymous transportation in the network.
Seidenstrasse attendance Project Seidenstrasse attendance
Seidenstrasse todo
Sewing Use our sewing machines to change clothes to your size or learn sewing. We give you a short introduction if you never used a sewing machine before ;) RaumZeitLabor
Shortwave SSB station Ham Radio telephony with a shortwave SSB station on 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m or 10m. Chaoswelle
Silkscreen your kit! Silkscreen prints are the new stickers! Come to our table in Foyer E-G and get your stuff printed. Das Gängeviertel
Silver Rockets We will finalize a 3D model of the CCC rocket, so we can cast it in bronze, silver or gold as cufflinks or pendants
Siri Drone low orbit off world backup probe C-base
Slap Slap Revolution Stepmania based rhythm multiplayer game involving physical (i.e. conductive) contact either in player-vs-player ("Slap Slap Revolution") or jolly co-op ("Kiss Kiss Revolution") mode.
Smrender Smrender is a powerful, flexible, and modular rule-based rendering engine for OSM data. It is mainly intended to create paper charts for print-out but can be used for tile creation and other tasks as well. Because of its generic OSM processing engine it may be used for different tasks such as data filtering, data modification, or complex data analysis and statistics. Cypherpunk.at
Software Defined Radio Implementing common and uncommon wireless protocols in software Sigrok
Soxhlet extraktor A device used to extract all sorts of substances from plant matter and other solids. It uses a siphoning action to replenish the solvent when the extraction chamber is full and evaporating solvent is reclaimed using a cooling column. Rollwerk
Spoken Word Poetry Wordlounge
Start to knit! How to knit - for complete beginners. All you need are two sticks and a ball of yarn. All stitches are comprised of either a “knit” or “purl”. Once you know these two stitches, you’ll be on your way to knitting like a pro! CCCFr
Stegotorus Stegotorus is a pluggable transport platform, mainly intended to be HTTP transport for the traffic that is censored by deep packet inspection tools NoisySquare
Stopwatchingus-köln Group of people from Cologne who protest against too much survailance by being present in the streets of Cologne with demonstrations, solemn vigil, weird activitises like walking down big streets with a coffin and lanterns looking like cameras or just placing a lot of stickers, flyers and posters everywhere. We are also working on panels at the university. Freiheitsfoo
Styroplotter as we did previous year, we're bringing again our styrofoam plotter built with a left-over scanner. the plotted styrofoam could be casted into aluminum like we did at our hackerspace (http://www.hackerspace-bamberg.de/Aluminiumguss) Backspace
Subtitles Creating subtitles by crowdsourcing! Contact Percidae for information and coordination. Erstellen von Untertiteln durch crowdsourcing! Melde dich bei Percidae für weitere Information und Koordinierung. Anywhere you are! Überall wo du bist!
T-Shirt Printing In this project we will print t-shirts with our own illustrations and, much more importantly, teach everybody who wants how to make t-shirts of their own. Starship Factory
TA3M Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup designed to connect software creators and activists who are interested in censorship, surveillance, and open technology. NoisySquare
TREZOR TREZOR is a hardware wallet for Bitcoin. We identified security of the end users' computer as one of the main problems that block Bitcoin mass adoption. Fabhack
The One Ring goldsmithing a silver or golden ring from a piece of metal, with a nice hammered and faceted look
Torservers Torservers.net is an umbrella for Tor relay operators and non-profit exit and bridge relay organizations. Come by if you have questions and find one of us! NoisySquare
Tox A distributed, secure messaging system with Audio and Video Integration Youbroketheinternet
TubeFox A capsule for the Seidenstrasse with:

Alphanumeric display for easy addressing; RGB-Led as position light;

Webcam + OpenWRT router for livestream ;);
UseMoreStorage Project canceled. Sorry, see you next year! :-(
V6bulb We're building a PoE-powered IPv6 light bulb useful for illuminating your hackerspace, appartment, $whatever. C3PB & Chaos inKL.
VGA EDID Injector Captures EDID information from a display and presents it to a computer. Useful in situations where the DDC lines are not connected (like the CCH). MuCCC
Vinyl Cutter We bring a Summa Vinyl Cutter and help you creating awesome, personalized stickers and shirts ;) RaumZeitLabor
VisualNotes Conclusions of talks in text & image format. Find these visual protocols of 30C3 talks in the wall outside of Hall G
Vm-Butler As our main project we invite you to play around with our Ganeti VM-Cluster. LUG-IN
Wall Digital wall (display) that can be controlled remotely, for example via mobile or tablet. FAUlty Assembly
Writing weather station data collection and processing programs Using an off-the-hook weather station we'll implement some tools for collecting and processing weather data and making it easily readable. Starship Factory
XMPP Notify XMPP Notifier for the 30c3 Fahrplan /dev/tal
YaCy Developer and supporter of the YaCy peer-to-peer search engine use YaCy instance(s) within the 30C3 intranet to index the conference pages and all the shared stuff.
Youandjerrycan.org Nomad jerrycans filled with low tech IT infrastructure #open-object #open-knowledge #building-process #upcycling #punkICT4D

There are 154 announced projects.

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