Description Demonstration of a Bookscanner from and mounted at La Quadrature du Net's location in Paris. Scanning of Books for every hacker at the 30C3! Bring your books!
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Persons working on Benjamin
Located at assembly LaQuadratureDuNet
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The Bookscanner

We will demonstrate the BookScanner of the community,

and allow anybody to scan their own books during the event.

There will be a few scheduled demonstrations during the 30C3, where you will be able to ask any questions about that machine. The rest of the time, anybody who had been trained a little bit during a scheduled demonstration will be allowed to use the machine to scan his/her own book. So please take your book with you! Also, if you want a demo, any other time during the event, you can Phone.jpg call the 6128 phone number in the internal phone network to join Benjamin, the owner of the machine.

The Bookscanner

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