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The StuStaNet is an association in Studentenstadt Freimann that operates a computer network connecting Studentenstadt to the Internet. The network is used by approximately 2,500 users.

In 1996, StuStaNet created its own network infrastructure and operated it until 1999. In November 1999, StuStaNet replaced, jointly with Studentenwerk München (Student Services), the ageing network piece by piece in order to create a fully switched LAN. In 1997, it was linked up with the Munich scientific network run by LRZ.

Initially, the Internet connection was a simple 64kBit connection, later a 768kBit connection over SDSL, and since mid-1999 an optical fibre connection. This fibre connection initially operated with 10 MBit/s. In December 2000 this was upgraded to 100 MBit/s, in July 2007 to 1 GBit/s and in December 2012 to a 2 GBit/s connection.

StuStaNet operates all higher-level services such as DNS, email, HTTP Proxy, NAT, IPv6, QoS, IDS, and many more. In co-operation with the Studentenwerk it provides all residents of Studentenstadt with an Internet connection and also provides support for the residents regarding network issues. StuStaNet also offers to its members additional services, such as a VoIP gateway, backup space, web space with a database and a mailbox.

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