Description We want to introduce the Mate Circle to the Congress. During breaks come to the Chill-out Lounge in the Villa Straylight to try different mates served in the traditional way (warm in a cuia and bomba) and let all of your questions regarding mate be answered.
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Mate is a herb that was traditionally drunk by the Guarani Indians in South America in a circle to share knowledge and information. The combination of Theobromine and minerals in the Mate made it an ideal drink for visionary conversations and for fostering connection.

We have taken the Mate ritual out of the Brasilian forests and are bringing it to the 30C3. The Mate Circles at 15.15 and 19.30 hours daily at the Congress entail a brief introduction about the Mate circle and harvesting process and then different special mates served in hand-crafted ceramic receptors, once the Mate makes it's way around the circle, we allow the brainstorming to begin.

Mate is about sharing, and although sharing a drink with others might seem strange at first, this serves as an essential tool for communication as you let the Mate water resonate with the talks.

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