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Description Ham radio operators setting up antennas and transceivers for communication around the world and beyond
Members Ansi, B4um, Bastla, DL9SAU, Datacop, Heiko, Jiska, Käptn, Mazzoo, MiGri, Pylon, Tbr, Tny, VT100
Projects SailfishHacking, Shortwave SSB station
Self-organized Sessions Amateurfunklizenz erwerben, Ham Radio Antenna Assembling, Ham Radio Antenna Disassembling
Registered on 9 November 2013 21:03:06
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Brings antennas, transceivers, cables, HF frequency detectors, satellite dishes, telegraph keys (Morse), digimodes equipment
Seats needed 15
Extra seats 10
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes Like last year we would like to reserve the same space in the Foyer of Saal 1 and with entrance to the balcony and roof. It is ideal for cable routing to the the antennas on the balcony and roof without opening a door or blocking escape routes.

Chaoswelle 320.png

The Chaoswelle is a quite large group of Ham Radio Operators in the CCC. In accordance to the Ham Spirit we are open to all Ham Radio Operators visiting the Congress and everyone who is interested in transferring wireless signals.


Like at 29C3 we will set up antennas on the roof of the CCH and transceivers at a table inside the building. You can use some of the equipment brought by other members of the assembly or bring your own equipment! Especially if you built your own antennas, transceivers or software for special purposes. There will be soldering irons and a lot of electronic equipment (and if not at that table, somewhere else in the building will be exactly that one transistor you just need).

We can set up a club station with a fancy callsign (either DA0CCC or DK0CCC), which is well tested during several contests – everyone on the world will listen up, when there is a Charly Charly Charly station calling! And some of the participants own an educational callsign, so that even interested people can do their first chat on a ham radio frequency.

It would be great to work with different Digimodes and having QSOs with operators from all over the world without using the Internet. Or, let's set up a QRP WSPR station with a Raspberry Pi.


The place should also be used for workshops. This can be basic explanations about Ham Radio or using a transceiver. Or even more extended topics on your pet project. If you think, your workshop fits best in this location, just leave a note.


There are some ideas for projects we can do during 30C3. This is just a list, which can be extended with your own project:

  • Echolink Node for the 30C3
  • Shortwave SSB station
  • Shortwave Digimode station
  • Analysis of position messages
  • Antenna building
  • Working with SDR
  • Satellite tracking
  • 70cm Packet Radio

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