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  • Generally awesome atmosphere!
  • Afterparty was just epic.
  • Still enough space to find a quiet place if needed
  • All participants were friendly and helpful
  • I loved that there were couches and places to sit everywhere
  • lounge and villa straylight both were amazing places to party or just hang out/relax, thanks for the wonderful decoration and inviting all these great artists
  • Just the right ratio of space/people. There was almost always at least one empty seat at tables, something that was near unseen in Berlin.
  • No large buildup of trash/bottles anywhere; everything running smoothly: Thank you, angels!
  • This congress was just all-in-all an amazing experience and by far my favorite congress. Thanks to all the people who made it happen, the orga crew, all the angels, the artists, the audience, thanks!
  • Evelyn Schubert did an amazing job in designing this year's logo.
  • Nearly always clean toilets - considering the mass of people, that's not easy. Thanks to the cleaning team.
  • Non-gendered bathroom were great, thanks.


  • People taking long exposure photos in the shuttle with their expensive cameras.
  • People in the IRC who have pointed out valid concerns (hoping somebody able to fix that would read it) have been turned down with inappropriate comments (such as "What have you been smoking?")
  • I wanted to show my family around on the congress in the night of day 3 but Night Passes were suddenly cancelled and nobody was allowed in even though they had traveled quite far and I had been told by the Cash Desk people just a few hours earlier that Night Passes would be available. Biggest disappointment evar.
  • S-Bahns occasionally not running during the night because of holiday/weekend
  • It was difficult to find a place for 3-5 people with LAN connection and power supply. Most of the time were all slots are occupied. (Addition: Yes, there were far too little "Shared Spaces" - we were looking for about 30 min for a place with LAN. Please more Tabled with gbit LAN at 31c3! ).
  • The CTF awesome but it was very hard (or I just suck). Maybe more challenges for less skilled hackers?
  • If someone "optimizes" the wiki rendering it unavailable, it is a bad idea to have quite some information in the wiki only. I was not able to find info about the self-organized sessions elsewhere.
    • +1, while the fahrplan was mirrored all over the place and was somewhat static, the workshops were really hurt by the wiki downtime.
    • The alternative URL ( was not communicated very well to people outside the congress who were yet to come for the last two days.
    • Also, the CCC press release ( still pointed to the broken URL instead of the working alternative URL (
      • Which was, as far as I know, neither official nor up to date?
  • Major grievance: People getting up, making lots of noise and talking really loud at the beginning or during the Q&A parts of lectures. This was very annoying if you were actually interested in the Q&As. Maybe next year they can be reminded to stay quiet, like in the years before.
  • The catering team certainly did a good job organizing, but the food selection was still very poor and generally somewhere in the "junk food" range. Also, while not being one of them, I heard a lot of vegans complaining.
    • Also, the amount of trash because of the non-reusable packaging and cutlery was horrifying and not at all environmentally friendly. Reusable dishes and real forks would be a much better alternative - at least please don't put plastic packaging around every sandwich and bagel!
  • Please illuminate the stairways better. They were nearly all badly illuminated and I as partly night-blind was often afraid to stumble, espacially because of the bad-contrast carpet. Or mark the steps with neon-tape e.g. (Yes, I know, the atmosphere ... but not everywhere please.)
  • Some friends and myself felt offended by the auction for a painting representing a woman-shaped body (only wearing underwears) with a USB-key head. Treating women as objects is sexist and definitely not funny. I hope not to see this kind of "art" during the next session.


  • It was not really easy to meet somewhere without long descriptions of the exact place. I'd love to have some designated and widely visible labelled meeting points (maybe one or two per floor?), so you can just say "meeting point B at 6pm" or so. And please put those meeting points on the map :)
    • Maybe even come up with some sort of location system that works on a sub-hall/corridor level? Grid coordinates within a hall? It was cumbersome to tell somebody where our assembly table was located.
  • No more Skype for videolink, WebRTC looks like a great alternative
    • For Assange, this would have been possible – can you recommend a WebRTC based video link service? --Andi (talk) 12:33, 6 January 2014 (UTC)
    • I can recommend It's open source, can be set up on own infrastructure and just works --Helo (talk) 12:07, 9 January 2014 (UTC)
  • Include again the event-number in the detailed descriptions of events in the Fahrplan (this year it was only indicated in the address bar and download section, where the number is included in the file name). It makes it much easier to identify and search for talks, also after Congress. Fahrpläne of earlier Congresses used to inlcude this, as far as I remember.
  • Include talk and speaker name in the <title>s of fahrplan entries - makes it much easier to find them in your history.
  • A lot of spontaneous visitors asked at the cash desk, which talks will take place in the upcoming hours. If there won't be a printed handout-Fahrplan (which is fine because of the dynamic planning), it might be helpful to display the upcoming hours of Fahrplan in the entrance-area (accessible without ticket) or exceptional DIN-A3-printings.
  • Saal 1 + 2 being wide and having several screens: for row back it might be pleasant to transmit speakers (' face) on a sidescreen as they're filmed for streams anyway.
  • Preorder for the t-shirts, there was one last year, and should be easier for the organizers.


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