Description This project is about brewing both non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, so come shear and learn!
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Fermented beverages

As you probably know already, brewing is a traditional activity of Food Hacking Based (fhb), happening on every event including variety of workshops, tastings and talks on the topic. Probiotic cultures like kombucha, kefir, water kefir are being shared under the Culture share activity. Hopefully more alcoholic beverage making will happen, makgeolli activities are on schedule for sure ... Part of this project should be offering beverages for donations to the public covering part of the fhb budget from it.

If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch, sooner, better! If you however find out about this on the event just come by and get into it easy.

Culture exchange

Here we can keep a track of who will bring what to the fhb at 30c3. Please add here what you can/will bring to the fhb and what you'd like others to share. It is useful to get in contact by this list ahead of the congress, so the people do know the demand especially. Please consider giving contributors something in exchange for their efforts like cultures, hugs, pizza, beer or - well - even unsexy money =).

Name Will contribute Would need
Algoldor nattō culture ginger beer plant
Eunha nuruk culture surprise me?
Algoldor kefir culture (+-50 g=10-12 grains) molds for cheese making
Algoldor Kombucha cosmopolita culture (+-400 g)
Gafioso Water kefir (15g) + Ginger beer plant (13g)
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