Description A capsule for the Seidenstrasse with:

Alphanumeric display for easy addressing; RGB-Led as position light; Webcam + OpenWRT router for livestream ;);

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I cobbeld together a "small" capsule for the Seidenstrasse project with parts i had lying around. A 1-line backlid alphanumeric display to display the destination is connected to an atMega644 via 8Bit bus. Also connected to the mega are 3 337 transistors for powering 4 RGB-Leds as postion lights. The mega is connected via i2c to an WR703 flashed with openwrt and connected via usb is a logitech C270 webcam. The router streams the webcam images with mjpg-streamer to an laptop which streams everything via multicast to the congress network.

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