Description Come and learn how to make tasty and healthy kombucha, so you can continue to brew your own at home or at your local hackerspace!
Type Workshop
Keyword(s) drink
Processing assembly Food Hacking Base
Person organizing Algoldor
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Starts at 2013/12/28 02:00:00 PM
Ends at 2013/12/28 04:00:00 PM
Duration 120 minutes
Location Hall F

Kombucha culture is used to make a healthy probiotic beverage which is good for your digestion and based on experience and variety of research also supports your immunity system and lowers variety of cancers and allergy reactions. You will learn how to brew your kombucha so you can do so at home or your local hackerspace and you will take with you manual and of course the culture.

Brewing your kombucha is fun and you will all learn how to make it "easy peasy Japanesey!" I'll show you simple way how to make kombucha beverage which is going to be nice and healthy based on a stable and long living kombucha biofilm culture - SCOBY, manuals will be handed out and available electronically. You will learn how to take care about your culture from A to Z. Basics but strong and lasting. We will also chat about various alternative usages like making kombucha vinegar and possible applications for micro-cellulose fiber production this culture (hopefully with some samples). We will share the culture of course, this time you will receive the result of our new hack Kombucha cosmopolita subspecies OHM 2013 consisting from SCOBY's gathered from all around the world and regrown together! Of course there will be various tastings as always, we will see who brings which. The workshop is donation based, no one turned away for lack of funds, if you can chip in €5, that would cover it, €10 and more would be better, the flight tickets from Korea were bit costly this year :-) I hope to see you all there again, sincere, FAA

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