Description Capturing some of the athmosphere of 30C3 and show casing som of the rather awesome projects. I always try to get enouhg footage for a 90 minute feature film and I guess I might get there this year. So if you have some project you'd like to talk about, let me know it!
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Persons working on H0uz3
Located at assembly Shackspace
Other projects...

It's simple: You do something interesting and talk about it and show it to the world and especially those who couldn't make it to your assembly because there was... Look, a squirrel!

Anyway, I offer everyone to be part of the project and try to accommodate everyone's individual privacy needs.

You can choose how you present your project

  • Be a show off: Get in front of the camera and explain what your project is all about.
  • Make it documentary style: Only your project is seen and you explain what it's about and how it works off camera in your own words.
  • Take part anonymously: Don't be seen or heard in the final movie, you tell me what kind of commentary is needed for your project and I will dub it or use description in text form.
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