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Hacking (with) care is a versatile, collaborative initiative which purpose is to bring balance, embodiment, body & soul awareness and care to the hackers' communities, living by the shared ethics of goodness for all, joyful creativity, freedom and sharing of knowledge.

Hacking (with) care explores questions relative to hackers' psychological and physical well-being and health, and looks at how a sense of freedom in the technological realms can relate to a sense of freedom in one's life. We seek to encourage vitality and (data)love potentialities to blossom both on and away from keyboards. We also feel we want to return the favor to those who, often behind their computers, care for all of us by engaging everyday in straining battles for freedom.


There will be (at least) 3 ways to enjoy massages at the parlor: INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS, TUTORIALS FOR TWO, and SWAPS with Emily, or somebody. We would love to encourage practice by all ! For more information about these options, the kind of massages Emily gives, how to book a session, read FAQ below.

Then, there will also be all the mini massages that you can share with friends, outside the parlor, while drinking tea at the tea house. An excellent mix :)

ENERGY SHOWERS, which are a kind of massage given to someone standing, will be offered, by Baba, Emily, caring volunteers and friends around, so you can receive, learn, and then give it yourself to someone else.

While chilling at the tea house, don't hesitate to ask Baba and Emily to show you some moves, stretches... Well-being Peer-To-Peer !

Individual Massage Sessions

Summer is gone, so to optimize warmth and coziness of individual sessions, Emily has decided this time to work over comfortable clothing (yoga pants one-size-fits-all are provided for), on a futon on the floor. The massages are therefore a combination of techniques drawn more from Asia than California, although they also integrate tools coming from occidental body-mind therapy. Expect powerful palm pressures, cat paws and elephant walks, Yoga-like stretches and/or... guided deep breathing exercises, subtle stomach massage, and minimal moves for maximum mind soothing benefits. Oils are available, and can still be used lightly, according to local needs.

Each massage is tailored to your needs and wishes on the moment. You can ask for, or be suggested, a global massage, or a massage of the back, legs, feet, hands, stomach, face and head! These choices are made during a small discussion together at the beginning of the session. This is also the time when you should inform Emily about any specific conditions, please make sure you read the important precautions section below. All oils are organic.

You can watch a video demo of thai yoga massage on our blog

Tutorials for two

Similar to booking for a massage, you can book a session of Tutorials for two where you show up in pair with a partner and get to practice massage on each other under the supervision of Emily. She can show you some moves, share with you a few tricks and experience, answer your questions or look for answers to them with you ?! Booking is the same, make sure you indicate on the schedule sheet that you come for a supervision. If you don't have a buddy to register with, show up anyway, and be sure we will find someone around :)

Swap Massages

Feel free to ask to swap massages with Emily, whatever your "experience" and knowledge. She needs care too, + getting feedback from someone is always an interesting way to learn. Giving massage can also prove very relaxing.

Massage FAQ

Who will be giving massage?

Emily started to train and obtained certification in 2008 with the french school of massages Biopulse. Since then she has been practicing freelance, learning by various means at hand, and giving workshops to spread the goodness. You can read more about her work and massage on her blog and on

Time & Booking

Booking is possible by writing down your name on the schedule sheet. Old school. You can book 30 minutes or one hour. Please, when you write down your name and time, allow for at least 10 minutes break between massages. If you come for a tutorial, make sure you indicate that. There is also the possibility to show up whenever you feel like getting a massage, be lucky, and/or wait for your turn sipping some fine tea in the company of a fine team :)

Please: Don't be dirty when you show up for your massage. Make sure you've read the important precautions below. Understand that if you show up late at your marked hour...someone else might be enjoying it instead of you.


Free Donations. In individual sessions, appreciated 15 euros (or more) per 30 minutes.

Langage spoken

Français, English, Portugues

Important Precautions (Must read before massage)

Please be aware there are some contra-indications to observe in massage. Massage has an influence on the circulation of fluids in the body, the nervous system, the heart rate, and others, most of the time for the better! However, it should be avoided or exercised with great caution in cases of: High/low blood pressure and other heart conditions, recent surgery, cancer, infectious disease, osteoporosis and other pathologies of the bones and skeleton, inflammatory conditions, skin diseases, circulatory problems, pregnancy, psycho-pathologies, intoxication with alcohol or other psychoactive substances and altered states of consciousness. Please inform your masseur of any of these conditions prior to session, as much as possible. Make sure to mention allergies, if any, so as to avoid a possible reaction to essential oils. If you receive a massage with essential oils, you should strictly avoid direct sunlight on the body parts that received massage to avoid possible photo-sensitive-reactions. Understand responsibility will not be taken if you omit to mention important personal facts or refuse to follow these recommendations, and also that Emily might decide, in your own interest, not to give you a massage at all if you show up with any of these conditions. Thank you!


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