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carlo von lynX, secushare; Christian Grothoff, GNUnet; Hellekin, Lorea/FSF.

Description This summer the rumour was finally confirmed: somebody broke the Internet. We are inviting all projects that are providing a piece of the puzzle to create a GNU Internet stack that cuts out the man in the middle. Maybe your project is already on our map.
Members Bart, Codethief, Grothoff, Hellekin, Infinity0, Jriede, Kaie, LynX, Nana, SonOfRa, Stalex, Tg
Projects GNUnet, Lounge, Secushare, Tox
Self-organized Sessions, YBTI Crypto Names, YBTI Cryptographic Routing, YBTI Hardware, YBTI Introduction, YBTI Meshnet Works, YBTI Operating System, YBTI Political Attack Vectors, YBTI Results, YBTI Scalability, YBTI Strategic Choices, YBTI TNG Apps, YBTI Usability
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This summer the rumour was finally confirmed: somebody broke the Internet. We are inviting all projects that are providing a piece of the puzzle to create a GNU Internet stack that cuts out the man in the middle. Maybe your project is already on our map.

#youbroketheinternet is a campaign that evolved out of the social swarm and GNU consensus, no longer focused only on social tools but instead oriented at assessing the harms done to our infrastructure and the ways to replace them.

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Or join our #youbroketheinternet forum on RetroShare.

At the 30c3 we'll hang out with HACAS and Wau Holland Stiftung within the NoisySquare (aka n²) when not in Hall E. You can also leave feedback (or your contact details) in our postbox at the latter assembly.

Finally, please feel free to fill the wiki with your ideas.


#youbroketheinternet sessions

Somebody broke the Internet! The situation is urgent. We must meet in a series of workshops to discuss the layers of a new network stack and get projects to work together on the common goal of realizing the constitutional requirement of Secrecy of Correspondence. All panels and workshops are held in English. At each session there will be short presentations by various project panelists leading into debate & hacking.

We will also make audio/video recordings of the sessions, but no live stream. On the contrary, whenever you want to make a statement off-the-record just say so, we'll edit it out and wipe/shred it from the memory cards. We are collecting results from the sessions in the GNU wiki.

List sorted alphabetically

Here is the list of all sessions provided by people and groups related to #youbroketheinternet

Session Description DetecTor is an open source project to implement client side SSL/TLS MITM detection, compromised CA detection and server impersonation detection, by making use of the Tor network.
YBTI Crypto Names The great shoot out panel of the name resolution titans. Does it make sense to patch the Domain Name System? Which strategy should we pick for a safer new Internet stack? Should we require cryptographic privacy of name resolution?
  • Haya Shulman –– DNSSEC/DANE
  • Dan J. Bernstein –– DNSCurve
  • Levin Keller –– Namecoin
  • Christian Grothoff –– GNS, the GNU Name System
YBTI Cryptographic Routing Cryptographic routing is the foundation of our GNU Internet beyond X.509, DNS, SMTP and XMPP. Even the IETF is now considering that Onion Routing should be a fundamental capability of the Internet. How would that look like in practice?
  • Florian Dold -- GNUnet's new cryptography
  • cjd ––The edge of dystopia
  • Members of I2P, Tor, Freenet?
YBTI Hardware If the hardware we are running our systems on is intrinsically insecure, we may be building a fortress on top of a house of cards. Let's OWN what we BUY so it doesn't SPY on us.
  • Bunnie / Xobs (novena)
  • MEre, figuring out what Intel's motherboards do while you sleep
  • Milkymist?
YBTI In Depth A chance to go in-depth and cover some missing aspects.
  • infinity0 –– Terraforming Arrakis: long-term architecture of a new Internet
  • Forthy –– net2o "reinvents the Internet": Secure, reliable, fast, lightweight
  • Aleclm –– Snake: a privacy-aware online social network providing anonymity of data at rest
YBTI Introduction Somebody broke the Internet. We will meet in a series of workshops to discuss the layers of a new stack and motivate projects to work together on the common goal of fixing the net and implement the constitutional right of Secrecy of Correspondence. This is a short kick-off introduction to the event series just before the Crypto Names session.
YBTI Meshnet Works Cut out the service provider middle man. Projects like ServalMesh, Zyre, Briar, GNUnet and of course freifunk are already doing this. Let's make it a part of normality. Let's exchange public keys this way etc.
  • cjd –– cjdns, Hyperboria & the Project Meshnet
  • Bart Polot –– GNUnet Mesh Networking
  • Elektra –– Freifunk, BATMAN
YBTI Operating System From safer use of cryptography over kernel magic to reproducible compilation up to a vision of a full security redesign of the OS.
  • Jon Solworth –– EthOS
  • Tanja Lange & DJB –– NaCl
  • Lunar –– deterministic debian
  • Julian Kirsch –– Knock: stealthy TCP
YBTI Political Attack Vectors How much damage can be limited by appropriate legislation? Is it okay for example to propose a law that makes unencrypted private conversation technology illegal after 2014?
  • Jeremie Zimmermann –– la Quadrature du Net
  • carlo von lynX –– presenting a EU law proposal
  • All Internet activists and politicians are invited on stage! Riot!!
YBTI Results Presenting the results of the #youbroketheinternet sessions: - Which projects will participate in building the stack of a GNU Internet. - What architectural and security choices have we made. - Which jobs to be done have been identified, how you can help.
YBTI Scalability How can we build systems that are capable of scaling to hundreds of millions of users? Why is it so hard to do a distributed Twitter so that it actually works?
  • Gabor Toth –– secushare multicasting over GNUnet
  • Moritz Bartl ––Scaling the Tor network
  • lynX –– Distributed social networking over Onion Routing
YBTI Strategic Choices Based on the sessions in the past days it is time to take some decisions on the future of #youbroketheinternet:
  • Which projects will participate in building the stack of a GNU Internet?
  • What architectural and security choices are we making?
  • Which jobs are to be done, how you can help?
  • Can we get started on the spot?
YBTI TNG Apps The next generation on privacy and crypto apps all satellite around cryptographic routing. We'll discuss E-Mail replacements, secure telephony and DHT-based storage systems.
  • ioerror –– Pond
  • Leif Ryge –– Tahoe-LAFS
  • SonOfRa –– Tox
  • Bart Polot –– GNUnet Conversation
YBTI Usability How can we make our technologies grandparent compatible and the exchange of cryptographic keys and shared secrets a natural everyday transaction? Does every piece of software have to be socially aware to be usable?
  • Aleclm –– A friendship handshake evolving the Socialist Millionaire
  • lynX –– Usability horror lessons to learn from e-mail, PGP, RetroShare and more
  • Jan C. Borchardt ––
  • Brennan Novak –– mailPile

List of sessions by architectural layer

  1. YBTI Introduction
  2. Usability and Adoption Threshold
  3. Next-Generation Applications
  4. YBTI In Depth: Architecture and Social Networking
  5. Scalability and Architecture
  6. Futures of Crypto Routing Backends
  7. Secure Name Systems
  8. Operating Systems
  9. (Wireless) Mesh Networks
  10. Free & Open Hardware
  11. Strategic Choices, Financing and Dissemination
  12. YBTI Results
  13. Political Attack Vectors

List of sessions by date

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  • Mspro –– Wir werden alle überwacht. Und nun?
  • Luker –– Fenrir: Transport, Encryption & Authentication
  • Klaus Wallenstein –– Reconquest of Freedom on the Internet - a social movement?

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What puts a project on the YBTI map?

(this answer is a work in progress)

We believe projects are participating in fixing the Internet if:

  1. they are contributing a piece to the GNU Internet stack;
  2. they are not investing in technologies that depend on DNS or X.509 (or, to put it differently, that use the cryptographic identity for resolution, authentication and routing rather than trying to fight the lost battle of securing key discovery);
  3. they are not trying to fix SMTP or XMPP (or, in other words, that aren't dependent on deploying servers that maintain private data in the clear);
  4. they don't mind Affero GPL being a political requirement (at the foundations of privacy we cannot afford companies to participate with proprietary versions or add-ons that will break such privacy. but they are welcome to do business over our upcoming infrastructure).


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