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Persons working on Fpletz, S, Sec
Located at assembly MuCCC
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This is the software behind the ACAB wall. You can get our software on github:

Animations are created as python scripts which run on the computer controlling the installation.

Use the acabsl library from our git repository to create your own scripts.

It provides two methods:

     Send a new color to pixel (x,y) on wall no w.
     r,g,b are 0-255
     time is in milliseconds:
         time=0 => Instant update
         time>0 => Fade to the new color in time millisceonds
     Use this command if you want to use double buffering.
     Use it once before you do your first acabsl.send() call.
     Then use it everytime you want new commands to be executed.


 import acabsl
 # enable double buffering
 # let every pixel fade to red
 for wall in range(2):
     for x in range(8):
         for y in range(6):
             acabsl.send(wall, x, y, 255, 0, 0, 500)
 # execute all fades at once

Have a look at the scripts in the animations directory for examples. We also have audio examples ;)

Execute the startsimulation file to run a simulation of the walls on your computer:


It will open two windows with simulated acab walls. Use your imagination to form cylinders for 29c3 ;)

Then execute the script you wrote to display it on the simulator.

Send new scripts via a pull request to our github account: and we will put them into rotation on the walls.

Have fun :)

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