Description is a community driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free.
Has website
Persons working on HighTower, Kampfzwerg, Katzazi, Magu, MoavSotaz, N34l0, Natureshadow, VKnight, Zombb
Located at assembly Cryptoparty, LUG-IN, Freifunk
Other projects...


We have quite a few CAcert assurer at the congress. You will find some of them at Cryptoparty & LUG-IN and we would gladly welcome more at our place. And if you haven't collected enough points jet to assure your self or just want to get assured, then you should give us a visit.


Wir haben einige CAcert Assurer auf dem Congress. Du kannst einige bei Cryptoparty & LUG-IN finden und würde gerne weitere begrüßen. Solltest du noch nicht genügend Punkte haben um selber zu assuren oder wenn du einfach nur assured werden möchtest solltest du uns besuchen kommen.

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