Description International freifunk and wireless community assembly formerly aka "wireless corner".
Members Andre, Andrenarchy, Baldo, Basho, BerndLiefert, Bodems, Cholin, Cven, Hanez, HighTower, Jmlk, Magu, Mschuett, Mwarning, Quex, Sidd, Spkl, Spky, Takt, Thardes2, Uebelhacker, Wlanfr3ak
Projects CAcert, Lounge
Self-organized Sessions Freifunk Community-Treffen, Network map workshop, Router-Flashworkshop
Registered on 25 October 2013 20:27:34
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Other assemblies...
Orga contact
Brings banner 2x2m

We need: projector and canvas, power plugs, switch und LAN cables with as many ports as seats

Seats needed 40
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
Planning notes

If you are interested in decentralised mesh networks come by and talk to us! We will organize some sessions regarding Freifunk topics and you will be able to get buttons and t-shirts at our assembly!


  • Chat: #freifunk IRCnet
  • Location: hall 1 / floor 0x01, see CCH Map; Main entrance -> straight ahead -> second escalator -> straight ahead (not Saal 3 as previously announced)
  • Distributed assembly planning via pad:
  • For mesh networking experiments we can use channel 1 and 36 (20 MHz channel width)


  • Freifunk Community-Treffen (Kurze Vorstellung und Vernetzung lokaler Communities)
  • Network map workshop (Discussion on LibreMap: a scalable, global and decentralized router database and map visualization for community networks)
  • Router-Flashworkshop (You want to be part of the Freifunk mesh network in your city? Come by and we help you to flash your router and answer questions!)

You are superinvited to the Session "YBTI Meshnet Works"!!  :-)

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