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!Frankie +I have one Guestroom with one large Bed. Can be shared by two people if they are not afraid of physical contact. I can also offer a couch in my living room. Can also be shared by two people.


'; DROP TABLE assemblies; +Meeting point and activity area for our group. See Description for details on what we are working on


/dev/lol +Hackerspace from Linz/Austria
/dev/tal +/dev/tal e.V. Hackerspace Wuppertal


25 Years Attacks on Smartcards +Forum and Workshop for Attacks on Smartcards and Security Controllers. Smart cards and RFIDs are widely used today in manfifold applications, like banking, mobile communications (GSM/SIM), identification and access control. The silicon chip they contain are subject to manifold attacks today and in the future. Newbies, Amateurs, Students, Experts, Nerds are welcome. Beginners Training: Preparation of a chip - removal of the silicon from an RFID label under a microscope. Discussion about historic, actual and new attack scenarios. Tips for the amateur - how to set up your own lab. Discussion round for experts.


30C3 3D Printed Badge (or R0ket Part) +30C3 Printed badge or R0ket Parts
3D Printing and Scanning +The copyshop of the future. Here you will get an answer to every question you have about 3D printing and scanning
3d printer +A 3D Printer Farm: -Mendel Max -Irapid -Orca -Ordbot Hadron -Ultimaker (2x) Scanner: -Microsoft Kinect -Table Scanner We will bring several 3D printers and we hope some more 3d printer owner will join us on the assembly so we can share protecting and operating all 3d printers on the congress. A fix meeting point for 3d scans and 3d printing.


A-Coin +We'll outline a proposal for a peer-to-peer electronic currency which has learned some lessons from bitcoin. Faster and less resource hungry. Most importantly: asset-backed money more adept to faster circulation. I hope to get some discussion going about the pros and cons of different concepts for electronic currencies. Maybe start a project to carry it into effect.
A2600 +A2600 is a small project run by 9 people who love their old Atari 2600 and think a cheap open source version of it would kick ass. Thats is why we want to meet at the 30C3 and continue our project of building an Atari 2600 clone based on a lightly modified uzebox.
AA Hackers +We are a bunch of (former) IT-Security students from Aalen University. We are interested in all things "security" (and beer! ;)
ACAB +The famous AllColoursAreBeautiful-Installation
AK Vorrat +Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (German Working Group on Data Retention).
AYAB +AYAB (all yarns are beautiful) is a Brother KH-910 knitting machine where the main controlling unit was replaced with a custom Arduino control unit to be able to knit two-coloured pictures with up to 200 px width. Data is fed to the machine using a very simple API over the serial communication of the Arduino.
Alltagstaugliche Steganografie - geht das? +Lässt sich Steganografie alltagstauglich umsetzen, wie sinnvoll wäre das? Lasst uns Lösungsansätze begutachten und den Bedarf diskutieren.
Amateurfunklizenz erwerben +Kurzvortrag zum Erwerb einer Amateurfunklizenz
Amending the European Parliament draft report on mass surveillance +The European Parliament has been conducting a special inquiry on the Snowden revelations. The draft report from this inquirywill be published on 3rd January. Until mid-January, there will be time to table amendments. This workshop is meant to discuss possible amendments which would improve the final report, assess their political viability, and in general discuss the way forward in EU politics around this.
Amnesty International +This assembly is the home of Amnesty International's newly established Digital@Amnesty task force and the contact point for anybody interested in our work.
Amnesty International - Take Action on Digital Human rights +How can you contribute to the protection of human rights in a digital world? This session is a follow-up to the lecture "Human Rights and Technology - 'A New Hope' or 'The Empire Strikes Back'?" at 1:45pm in Hall 6 (see URL below). We would like to engage with you in a dialogue about how you can take action within Amnesty International, and what Amnesty and you(r NGO) can do to join forces so as to render the fight for the protection of digital rights more effective.
Anarchist Village +A place to come for (Crypto-) Anarchists and Cypherpunks from all over the world. We love politics, tech, discussion, friendship and everything in between. Find us at the NoisySquare!
Applied Crypto Hardening +The simplest instructions to do crypto hardening of your server daemons to protect your online communication!
ArduGuitar Demo +After the presentation of the ArduGuitar at 14:30 in Saal 6 on 29 Dec, I will have a guitar, amp and tablet to demo for anyone interested.
ArduinoDMX +Let an Arduino be a server or client in the DMX512 protocol for controlling stage lights.
ArduinoForTotalNewbies +''Learn Arduino using TV-B-Gone as an example project''<br /> <br /> You've probably heard lots about '''Arduino'''. But if you don't know what it is, or how you can use it to do all sorts of cool things, then this fun and easy workshop is for you. As an example project, we'll be creating a '''TV-B-Gone''' remote control out of an '''Arduino''' you can take home with you.<br /> <br /> ''(This is one of many cool things happening throughout 30C3 in the huge '''Hardware Hacking Area!)'''''<br /> <br /> This workshop will be given twice<br />(both identical):<br />    Day 2: 28-Dec, 12pm - 3:30pm<br />    Day 3: 29-Dec, 12pm - 3:30pm<br />
Arrrrr +A group of technology and Monkey Island enthusiasts.
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