Description We bring a Summa Vinyl Cutter and help you creating awesome, personalized stickers and shirts ;)
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We bring a Summa Vinyl Cutter and help you creating awesome, personalized stickers and shirts.

Cutting requirements

We need a vector file format, .eps is preferred. If you created your graphics with inkscape, you need to convert objects and strokes to paths.

Line widths should not be below 1mm, otherwise matrix stripping becomes a pain and you might even destroy the vinyl.


In general, using less colors is easier because colors have to be aligned after cutting...


We have many different kinds of vinyl, some for stickers and some for clothing. Tell us what you want to do and we'll tell you which vinyl to use ;)


Vinyl for clothing

Vinyl for clothing has different surfaces. Simple flex foil can be put on top of each other, but not glitter and fleece foil. In the super mario shirt picture you can see many layers of flex foil at the maximum detail level.


Robustness of clothing vinyl depends first on producer and second on surface. We always order high quality vinyl like Poli-Tape. Even though, the glitter stuff should be washed cold and turned left. Simple flex foil is more robust, some colors can even be washed up to 60°C. If you are not sure how to wash your clothes, 30°C is perfect in most cases.

Fabrics need to be put under a transfer heat press, thus it needs to be ironing compatible. Almost all fabrics containing a certain amount of cotton are perfect, other fabrics should be tested first. A heat press is basically an ironing device without steam and more pressure. Most vinyl is transferred at 160°C, this corresponds to a electric iron at level •••. Since the process takes only 20 seconds, clothing declared for a lower heat level (•• and •) is no problem. If the pressure during the process was too low, it might happen that foil separates from fabric. In this case you can try to re-iron it.

If you have no empty shirt with you, that's no problem! We have many shirts and hoodies in different colors and sizes.

Vinyl for stickers

Vinyl for stickers can be transparent (e.g. for windows and glass decor), reflecting or "normal". You can put these stickers on your laptop, mobile phone, car, windows, walls, ...

Since we are in Germany, it is not allowed to put reflecting stickers on your car :( Thus, you should only use certified vinyl like Oracal 751C on your car.


There will be workshops where you get help creating your own stickers and textile designs:

You can also visit our assembly at any time to do this, but it might happen that you'll have to wait some time until someone can help you.

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