Description Loose pack of internet and computer technology enthusiasts in the Austrian outback -- called the Alps -- trying to find birds of a feather in this vast mountainous territory.
Members Ako, Creo, Danny, Duftschnegge, Eagle, Insertscript, Trailblazr, Xoh
Projects Datendichtung für Firefox, OnionCat, Smrender
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Registered on 22 October 2013 18:57:25
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Seats needed 6
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Planning notes

We are working on the following projects and provide workshops and information to interested visitors that show up at our assembly:


Smrender is a powerful, flexible, and modular rule-based rendering engine for OSM data. It is mainly intended to create paper charts for print-out but can be used for tile creation and other tasks as well. Because of its generic OSM processing engine it may be used for different tasks such as data filtering, data modification, or complex data analysis and statistics.


OnionCat is a VPN-adapter which allows to connect two or more computers or networks through VPN-tunnels. It is designed to use the anonymization networks Tor or I2P as its transport, hence, it provides location-based anonymity while still creating tunnel end points with private unique IPv6 addresses.


Conpot is a low interactive server side Industrial Control Systems honeypot created by the honeynet project. It is designed to be easy to deploy, modify and extend. By providing a range of common industrial control protocols we created the basics to build your own system, capable to emulate complex infrastructures to convince an adversary that he just found a huge industrial complex.

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