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Description This is the Assembly of the Entropia e.V. (CCC Karlsruhe)
Members Anni, Benibr, Blueloop, Cls, DHermit, Darthqkie, Felix, FlorianJW, Florolf, Fread, Fxkr, Guterwhine, JackMcCrack, Jiska, Ker, Martin23, Nervengift, NicApicella, Obelix, Onny, Ralf, Tofu
Projects 30C3 3D Printed Badge (or R0ket Part), 3D Printing and Scanning, Flocky
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Registered on 20 October 2013 20:32:26
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
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Orga contact
Brings * Ultimaker
  • Kinect 3D Scanner
  • LED-Lights
Seats needed 15
Extra seats 10
Assembly specification 2. We'd like to come together with a lot of people, a spot with lot's of people passing by and good visibility would be nice.
Planning notes

If you have any questions about 3D Printing or Scanning you can come over and take a look and ask some questions.

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