Description This talk/workshop will give a colorful and practical introduction into the art of guerillaknitting. A 101 of urban knitting will be presented as well as many inspiring examples of global knithacking - by individuals, local and global communities with trees, bridges, tanks, cars, planes, stones or power cords covered in knitting. Attendants will learn the basics of how to yarnbomb a place such as the 30C3. Bring knitting needles and wool but if you didn't - there will be some available. Lets join forces to beautify the congress centre!
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I have been guerilla knitting at the last CCC conferences and often attendants asked me about it - that is why I am offering this session. Urban knitting has spread the world with many women and men, old and young, enjoying to beautify their environment - especially, when it is rather ugly. In a sense, they take back ownership over urban environments. Urban knitting or knit graffiti is art which does not destroy anything and creates positive feelings for the makers and passers by.

Guerilla knitters add a soft cover of color onto hard structures - trees or stones, bicycles, cars, planes, tanks or buses, benches, phone boxes, lamp poles or hand rails. They also cover structures insight buildings, be it tables, chairs, microphones or power cords - and we can do exactly this at 30C3. I will also bring pictures of my own guerillaknitting, e.g. a yarnbombed military plane at the last CCC Camp, a yarnbombed tank nearby the Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp, "Lacetrees" I created with lots of doilies which look like trees covered in giant textile snowflakes in northern Brandenburg, and pics of many smaller yarnbombs too which I did in Helsinki, Warsaw, Belgrad, Vienna, Berlin and elsewhere.

I want to inspire you and I believe in the power of pictures - so expect many of them and very little text. In this talk, I will also share insights on how it is actually done (its easy) - so everybody who wants, can start right at the 30C3 joining the knit hackers crowd. The technique is easy and the result always satisfying. All types of leftover yarns can be used for it. Cheap yarn is alright.

This session is for those who just want to get insight into the mystery and variety of guerillaknitting but also for those who want to to go ahead and start guerillaknitting right on the spot.

If you want to start yarnbombing at 30C3, bring the following (although there will be some material available for those you have nothing):

  • knitting needles (not too thin - will create output faster)
  • any type of yarn (cheap leftovers are fine, bright colours are best, chose thicker yarn for faster results)
  • a thick sewing needle, best without a sharp point but with a nice big eye so you can get thicker wool threads through it (to fix knitted pieces around a specific structure)
  • a measuring tape (Bandmaß) - to measure the circumference, lengths or breadths of whatever structure you want to beautify - but some generic measures will be provided (such as door handles and hand rails at 30C3 conference centre)
  • scissors (if you do not want to use your teeth ;-)

I would love to see the 30C3 area with many colourful yarnbombs! But be sure to take everything off at the end of the conference to not cause trouble and extra work for those who have to clean the place. If you take your knitting off without cutting the knitting itself, you can reuse it next year at 31C3...

Should you miss the talk but have some questions - look our for me, I am usually knitting in the audience with lots of yarn in a rededicated beauty case. Contact me at twitter @anked, or use hashtag #30C3yarnbomb to communicate and share pics of your work at 30C3.

How to find the session?

The session takes place at 27th Dec, 7:30pm, in Hall E, which you find on the 2nd floor. Take the escalator from 1st Floor to 2nd Floor and then, turn right. Pass through "Gängeviertel" and then, turn right again. There you will be in front of 3 halls: hall D, hall E and hall F. Come to Hall E to join! Session link:!

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