Description XMPP Notifier for the 30c3 Fahrplan
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Located at assembly /dev/tal
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The XMPP Notifier is the perfect tool for every lecture-oversleeper. Once a lecture is subscribed, the user gets a message via XMPP(Jabber) 10 minutes before the lecture begins. You will also get reminded again as soon as the lecture starts. Additionally the user gets informed about changes of their subscriptions when a new version of the Fahrplan rolls out. Additionally you can easily export a PDF-Fahrplan with your subscribed events.



To use the service you only need to register with your JID and a site-password (should be seperate from the password of the Jabber Account), and then give the activation code, which will be sent over Jabber. The latter serves for that nobody else sends notifications unwanted to foreign JIDs.


With the group function, subscribed events can be planned together with one's mates. For all subscribed events the group-users will be shown, who also subscribed the event. Additionally you can easily export a PDF-Fahrplan.


If you find bugs, please don't hesitate to report them to

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