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Film „Desinformation“ mit Gaby Weber

camp panorama

Camp-Panorama (Lizenz: CC BY 2.0, BlinkenArea.org/flickr)

Heute (Freitag, 14. August) um 18 Uhr zeigt das Kellerkollektiv auf dem Chaos Communication Camp den Film „Desinformation“, zusammen mit Filmemacherin, Historikerin und Autorin Gaby Weber.

Der 90-minütige Film ist ein Lehrstück über die „erwünschte Geschichte“. Es wird beschrieben, wie die „historische Deutungshoheit“ entsteht, wie geschichtliche Ereignisse verfälscht werden, mit welchen Methoden die Geheimdienste Desinformation betreiben und sich Historiker und Journalisten an der Nase herumführen lassen. Mehr Informationen zum Film sind im Wiki zu finden.

Gaby Weber wird uns anschließend von ihrer aktuellen Arbeit erzählen, u. a. auch über ihre laufende Klage gegen den „Verfassungsschutz“ oder gegen das Bundesarchiv wegen Untätigkeit sowie Strafanzeigen gegen die Deutsche Bank und die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung wegen Hehlerei. Und nicht zuletzt geht es um ethische Fragen des Journalismus.

Omnidome, Weizenbaum Weg Ecke Russel Route.
Map-Koordinaten: S10

Chaos Communication Camp 2015 – Impressions

Camp 2015 Mosaik
The first camp day is drawing to a close and we provide you with some impressions (mirror). Feel free to download, copy, reuse and share it. It’s released under Creative Commons. Enjoy.

Follow the White Rabbit


class Crash {

    name = "Crash!"
	description = "Scavenger hunt (Schnitzeljagd) for space travellers"
	duration = 3h
	price = "Certified Mixer of the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster"

	function play() {
		if (won == 1) {
			print("Congratulations! You are now a " + price)
            exit program
		} else {
			solve next task and have fun

function doShitAtTheCamp() {
	enjoy the camp and be excellent to each other!

function followTheWhiteRabbit() {

	while (universe) {
		if (now > day4) {
			exit program
		} else if (now < tag1) {
			do something useful
		} else {
			if (me.like("C2H5OH") && me.compareTo("Homo Ludens") > 0.5) {
				if (Crash has started) {
					Crash.play() || doShitAtTheCamp()
				} else {
					download app at "https://toto.io/"
					start Crash
					// find the crashed escape pod
					// [optional] ask at BER for help
					Crash.play() || doShitAtTheCamp()
			} else {

Thank you!


Ticket system re-opens Friday, 2015-07-31, 22:00 CEST

  • Unpaid tickets ordered before July 16th are dropped now. Do not pay for those anymore!
  • There will be 250 tickets made available on Friday, 2015-07-31, at 22:00 CEST sharp!
  • Please pay for your precious ticket immediately after you have ordered it! Ask friends to help you out!
  • Once those 250 tickets are gone, you can create a verpeiler-friends-request.
  • We all need to move closer together to have enough space for everyone.

Verpeiler-friends-request? If you don’t get your ticket on friday, you have one very last, very tiny chance: Go to the ticket system and convince us that you are one of our dearest verpeiler-friends. There won’t be many of those tickets available. Also you need to be very patient waiting for a reply. Please try really hard to order your ticket on Friday, 22:00 CEST! We are sold out!

We had a pretty difficult time now: so many messages from so many people wondering if there are any tickets left.

We felt we couldn’t break all those hearts and have managed to increase the number of available tickets a tiny bit. That way we won’t have to turn as many of you away; but this also means we’ll need to share the resources amongst more people – less camping space, less time in the shower, less electricity for everyone at the camp. Please keep this in mind – especially once you arrive – build your tents as close together as possible and consider merging spaces. Sharing is part of the Camp spirit!

Überlebenstips für Berufsbesucher

English version below.

Wir freuen uns über das öffentliche Interesse an den Hacktivitäten des Chaos Communication Camps in Mildenberg. Unsere Vorträge werden wieder als Live-Stream und Videos angeboten. Damit wollen wir Menschen einbeziehen, die nicht vor Ort sein wollen oder können. Selbstverständlich sind auch Vertreter der Presse auf dem Camp willkommen, auch ein Dokumentarfilmteam wird dabei sein.


Chaos Communication Camp 2011, CC BY-SA 2.0, via flickr/Christopher Schirner

Das Camp ist traditionell für die Teilnehmer aber auch ein entspannter Hacker-Urlaub. Wir wollen gern unter Freunden Wissen austauschen, zusammen hacken und basteln und ab und an die Plauze (hoffentlich) in die Sonne strecken.

Wir sind aufgeschlossen gegenüber der Berichterstattung und wollen Journalisten ermöglichen, die Szene zu atmen, Hintergrundgespräche zu führen und schlicht teilzunehmen. Wir bitten jedoch – anders als auf den Congressen – um besondere Rücksichtnahme und Fingerspitzengefühl, was Foto- und Filmaufnahmen angeht, gerade weil das Urlaubsgefühl von vielen Teilnehmern beim Camp geschätzt wird. In den Vortragsräumen präsentieren wir auf den Bühnen den öffentlichen Teil der Veranstaltung. Da es dort auch die Live-Streams gibt, sind Fotos und Impressionen von den Vorträgen kein Problem. Darüber hinaus möchten wir dazu auffordern, für Foto- und Filmaufnahmen bei den Aufgenommenen vorab nachzufragen, ob sie ihr Einverständnis geben.

Aufbau und Betrieb der Infrastruktur (Strom, Internet, sanitäre Anlagen) sind auf dem Camp wesentlich teurer als auf dem Congress. Diese Kosten werden von allen Besuchern getragen. Dies bedeutet, dass jeder Teilnehmer, auch Speaker, Engel und Organisatoren, den nicht unbeträchtlichen Eintrittspreis zahlen.

Auch Pressevertreter bitten wir daher um den Kauf eines Tickets, sofern sie nicht nur einen kurzen Aufenthalt planen. Die Anmeldung sollte in jedem Fall vorab erfolgen, da wir die Menge der anwesenden Journalisten begrenzen möchten. Wir bitten um Akkreditierung an die E-Mailadresse presse(at)ccc.de mit Angabe des geplanten Eintreffens.

We’re delighted by the immense public interest in the diverse activities at Chaos Communication Camp in Mildenberg. All lectures will be remotely available via live-stream and download. This way, we include community members that are unable to attend. Of course, media representatives are welcome as well, as is the team shooting parts of a documentary on site.


Chaos Communication Camp, CC BY-NC 2.0, via flickr/mseery

However, our Camps have always been relaxed vacations for the hacker community, and we want to keep it that way. We plan to exchange experiences, knowledge, skills; hack and tinker together and (hopefully) expose our potbellies to the sun.

We’re open to press coverage and want to enable journalists to dive into our scene, enjoy off-the-record discussions and – well, just participate. In contrast to the common policy of the public and open Chaos Communication Congress, we ask you to be particularly considerate of our community’s reservations about taking pictures and recording movies – especially in the light of the Camp’s recreational atmosphere. The public area of the Camp is limited to the lecture halls and their stages. Taking pictures and covering lecture contents is no problem at all. Outside of these public spaces, we have to insist that you ask for the explicit consent of everyone in the pictures you plan to take. Please make sure to get this consent before shooting pictures.

Building and operating the infrastructure (power, Internet, sanitary installations, etc.) from scratch is rather costly. Actually, it is really expensive. This is why the Camp costs so much more than our Congress events. Every participant is pulling her weight to make our event happen. Even all volunteers, organizers and speakers pay the considerable entry fee.

That is why we ask all members of the press to pay their share as well, unless they only plan to stay briefly. Since we need to limit press attendees, please apply for press accreditation at our email address presse(at)ccc.de. Please state your date of arrival.

Electricity – the limited resource

(deutsche Version unten)



The camp takes place on an area which does not provide a sufficient amount of electricity to cover our needs. Deciding whether to set up our own separate transformer or augmenting the power supply through generators was a tough one. Because of financial (and time) constraints, we settled for the latter. As a consequence, there will not be an unlimited amount of power available through a central line. Instead, it will be generated on site by a bunch of generators. While we will try our best to meet all requirements, cannot make any guarantees. Still, most of your needs should be fulfill able if you look out for one another.

For example, the power distribution units provide a limited number of outlets. So plan ahead, and, more importantly, talk to your neighbours on how to best divvy (and cable) them up.

If your village requested a three-phase current connection, we expect you to bring cables and distributors along yourselves. Everybody else also should bring their own extensions, since there will not be any available on site. Spot checks of your power equipment will be carried out throughout the campsite to ensure their proper functioning. Should any of your equipment not be impeccable, its usage will not be permitted. If you have questions, just send an email to: power@fengel.info. We will do our best to sort out any issues.

Again, please think of your fellow attendees! A pizza oven or USB-charger with 63A CEE are surely fancy, but they will also burn through a lot of “precious” electricity. If you consume too much, your neighbours’ tent will likely black out—and there is quite a chance they are not going to enjoy it.

There is one more issue when working with generators: refueling. To do so, the generators have to be switched off. We cannot predict how long a full tank of gas will last, but we will monitor the consumption in order to make an educated guess so as to predict the next expected downtime, which we will then post on a sign on the generator. On the bright side, such refueling should take place at most once every 24 hours, and will hopefully not take longer than 30 Minutes.

Last but not least: Availability of electricity will begin on August 11th!

Strom – die limitierte Ressource

Das Camp findet auf einem Gelände statt, das keinen Stromanschluss bietet, der für unsere Bedürfnisse ausreicht. Wir haben viele verschiedene Überlegungen angestellt: Sollten wir einen eigenen Trafo aufstellen? Oder sollten wir uns per Aggregate versorgen? Aus Kosten- und Zeitgründen entschieden wir uns für die Aggregate. Dies bedeutet, dass der Strom nicht einfach aus der Steckdose kommt, sondern durch eben diese Aggregate direkt vor Ort erzeugt wird. Wir versuchen soviel wie möglich der Anforderungen zu erfüllen, es wird aber nicht alles möglich sein. Vieles wird gehen, wenn ihr aufeinander Rücksicht nehmt.

Zum Beispiel gibt es nur eine begrenzte Anzahl an Steckdosen in den Verteilern. Stimmt euch mit euren Nachbarn in der Benutzung der Steckdosen ab!

High Voltage Equipment

High Voltage Equipment Camp 2011

Wie üblich gehen wir davon aus, dass ihr eure Verlängerungskabel und Mehrfachsteckdosen selbst dabeihabt. Habt ihr bei der Village Anmeldung einen Drehstromanschluss angegeben, gehen wir davon aus, dass ihr auch hier die entsprechenden Verteiler und Kabel selbst mitbringt. Es wird vor Ort keine Ausleihe geben! Wir werden in beiden Fällen vor Ort Stichproben durchführen, um zu schauen, ob die selbst mitgebrachten Verteiler und Kabel technisch ok sind. Ist dies nicht der Fall, dürfen diese nicht angeschlossen werden. Wenn schon im Vorfeld Fragen dazu aufkommen, könnt ihr euch an power@fengel.info wenden. Ich versuche euch dann soweit möglich zu unterstützen.

Bitte denkt auch an die anderen Teilnehmer: Ein Pizzaofen oder ein USB-Lader mit 63A CEE ist zwar nett, verbraucht aber jede Menge des “kostbaren” Stroms. Verbraucht ihr zu viel, wird es bei euch und euren Nachbarn dunkel.

Da wir mit Aggregaten arbeiten, kommt auch noch ein weiteres Problem auf: Diese müssen getankt werden. Dazu müssen die Aggregate abgeschaltet werden. Wir werden schauen wie der Verbrauch ist und wie lange die Tanks reichen und werden dann an den Aggregaten ein Schild aufhängen an dem die nächste “Down-Time” angekündigt wird. Um schon einmal zu beruhigen, dies passiert maximal alle 24h und dauert hoffentlich nicht länger als eine halbe Stunde.

Last but not least: Strom wird es erst ab ca. dem 11. August geben!

Water at the Camp

As usual, the Chaos Communication Camp takes places in the middle of Nowhere. That means, quite all infrastructure for the needs of thousands of participants has to be carried out to the location.

The Ziegeleipark Mildenberg is connected to the local fresh water and waste water system. But it is not designed for that many people. So we have to store water for showers and taps. And even the waste water needs to be collected, so that it can be dumped in the night, when there is less usage from the villages around. Speaking of toilets: other than during past Camps, there will be no chemical portable toilets with a waste tank. This time we will provide water toilets and urinals! No stinky porta-potties beside your tent, what an advantage! The portable toilets are storage rooms for data communication equipment only, the good old fashioned “Datkenklo”.


We learned from the past years and install more showers than before. There will be shower containers like we had during the last Camp in 2011. Separated shower cabins with heated and enough water for a good shower. But keep in mind, other attendees want to shower as well, so keep your shower time short. We will help you with a button, which will activate the water for a short time only. You can push it endless times, but don’t expect a long, uninterrupted rain on your head.

Furthermore there are three large basins for cleaning your dishes and tools. Please use these locations, as the waste water will be collected for proper removal. You should not empty any waste water on the ground.

Like at the first two Camps in 1999 and 2003 there will be a lake next to the campsite, where you can take a refreshing dip. Please don’t use soap in there – the nature and animals won’t like it.

Camp2003 Lake

Sparkled and drinking water will be provided by many food and beverage booths at the central market place. There is even an option for buying crates full of water, Mate or beer. If you or your village is interested in buying more than 10 crates, please contact boc@lists.ccc.de for the large order. The pricing will be announced soon.

Camp 2015 Ticket Shop is open now!


We all are very much looking forward to Camp 2015 – the new location makes things very exciting but such a new location also makes it very costly: We’ll need to get at least 950.000 EUR from ticket sales, which brings us down to an average ticket price of ~212 EUR.

When we moved the Congress to the new venue in 2012 we have been facing the same issue, remember?
Back then, we didn’t want to raise the price above 100 EUR and right now we don’t want to go above 200 EUR: We leave this, again, up to everyone of you to contribute as much as you can afford to – to make the Camp affordable for everyone in sum.

You can get:

  • Standard tickets for 220 EUR,
  • Supporter tickets for 240, 260, 280 and 300 EUR,
  • Business tickets for 450, 600 and 750 EUR,
  • Up-and-coming tickets for 50 EUR.
  • If you are on a low budget, there is the option to buy a ticket for 200 or even 180.
  • As usual there is also the friends request available, so that everybody is able to attend.

We provide you in the ticket system a graph that shows the average ticket price and how far away we are from the goal of 950.000 EUR. Please help us to create a nice graph! :)


Please be aware that there will be no ticket sale on site! So go ahead and get your ticket right now: https://tickets.events.ccc.de/ – if you have further questions please refer to our wikipage.

Shame on us, we forgot the Up-and-coming tickets for our young generation! This is fixed now.

If you are under 12 you get in for free! Between the age of 12 and 18 you are eligible for an Up-and-coming ticket for 50 EUR. That means, you must convince us to be born before August 13th 1997. Please bring a (sufficiently convincing fake of a) document / photo ID stating your age.

Plan Your Travel for Camp 2015

The Chaos Communication Camp 2015 approaches with giant steps! Whelp, it’s high time for a round of basic information, so you can plan your journey accordingly.

The dates

Entrance at the Chaos Communication Camp 2011

Entrance at the Chaos Communication Camp 2011
Picture by Sascha Ludwig

  • If you’re part of a Village or as an individual, the earliest reasonable date of arrival will be August 8th. Before that, there won’t be any power, water or Mate supply and you’ll likely stand in the way.
  • Disassembly of the event will commence on the evening of August 17th. We need to clear the venue by August 20th.
  • We’re going to need lots of people for the teardown and cleanup. You can help out, more on that in the Wiki about volunteers at the Camp!

Motorized vehicles

Cash Desk

Special announcements for motorized vehicles
Picture by Sascha Ludwig

  • Even during Camp construction time there will be little to no cars allowed at the site of the event. A special procedure will be announced at the entrance and can change from one hour to the next. Please prepare to unload your vehicles at the main entrance and relocate them to the parking lot for the duration of the event. Parking in front of the main entrance will be limited, so better gang up!
  • Caravans and Campervans will get their own designated area right next to the venue. Officially it’s outside the main Camp area, so you can move your Campervan for a shopping tour.
  • Trucks, Caravans, and Campervans may enter the venue if they’re an integral piece of your Village’s set-up. Those vehicles will need to be in place by August 12th and won’t be able to leave until the event came to a close, so please plan accordingly.

Rental tents and Village construction

Villages at Chaos Communication Camp 2011

Villages at Chaos Communication Camp 2011
Picture by Sascha Ludwig

  • If you or your Village rented a tent from our (already closed) tent rental service, we’ll likely have those set up on August 8th as well. Some tents might be set up some time later (after the weekend of 8/9 August), but still before August 13th.
  • Your Village will get its own staked out stretch of land! Build as compact as possible. Buffer overflows are usually bad, so please stay within that area to avoid reboots. You might also cooperate with similar villages for a joint space.

Tickets will be up for sale soon™, as well as more information on general infrastructure at the Camp 2015!

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