22C3: Private Investigations (2005)

Das vierte Türchen der #35C3 Memory Lane: Mysteriöse Quanten

35c3-kalender 4

Das vierte Türchen.

„Die Quanten sind doch eine hoffnungslose Schweinerei!“, soll Niels Bohr einst an Albert Einstein geschrieben haben. Schweinerei hin oder her, die Quantenphysik ist auf jeden Fall ein faszinierendes Themenfeld, weil sie unser Wissen darüber, wie die Welt funktioniert, grundlegend in Frage stellt. Quantencomputer und Quantenkryptographie sind auf dem Chaos Communication Congress immer wieder gern gesehene Anlässe für eine glorreiche Gehirnverdrehung. Wer sich jemals damit auseinandersetzen wollte oder musste, wird wissen, wie wunderbar erleichternd es ist, wenn ein fähiger Erklärbär dabei hilft.

Einen gut verständlichen Einstieg ins Thema gab Stephanie Wehner auf dem 22C3. In Quantum Entanglement lässt sie Alice und Bob auf unterschiedliche Planeten fliegen, über Quanten miteinander kommunizieren und macht so Grundprinzipien der Quantenmechanik verständlich.

35c3-kalender 4, wehner

Stephanie Wehner beim #22C3.

Vorträge wie dieser sind eine tolle Wissensgrundlage für Congress-Neulinge und alle, die ihren Horizont erweitern möchten. Deshalb wird es auf dem 35C3 erstmals einen Foundations-Track geben, der ausschließlich aus Einsteigervorträgen besteht. Wir sind sehr gespannt!

Ihr wollt das Wissen rund um die mysteriösen Quanten vertiefen? Dann hat media.ccc.de genau das Richtige!

22C3 audio and video podcasts available

Oh yes, it took a while. But we finally managed to finalize the 22C3 audio and video recordings and to provide them via a podcast feed as well.

We now provide audio recordings in MP3, MPEG-4 Audio and Ogg Vorbis format and videos in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) 320×240 format in addition to our originally posted full resolution MPEG-4 versions. The new videos run on the iPod and are around 25% the size of the big files.

To make the material easily accessible, you can subscribe to the main podcasts feeds for either audio or video or just download the files directly from these web pages:

We’d love to hear from you what you think about the content being offered using podcast technology. As a convenience, we also provide podcast feeds for the Ogg Vorbis and the MPEG-4 AAC audio versions. These are considered to be experimental. Drop a comment if you think if the podcast in general or these alternative versions are useful for you.

All podcasts are hosted by the Chaosradio website which is also our central point for CCC’s audio and video podcast content including recordings from other CCC events as well.

Gentlemen, fire up your clients (2nd Update)

All recorded 22C3 videos are online now (via BitTorrent and HTTP). Get the individual torrent files or get all torrent files in one tar.gz archive: 22C3-videos-complete-20050506.tar.gz (here are the checksums).

We still plan to provide complete torrent sets and extra torrent sets optimized for DVD-sized download chunks so that it is easier to archive that stuff. We are a bit distracted by other stuff currently, but we will bring you an update soon. Audio-only versions will follow soon as will the iPod-versions.

If you want to mirror the content, please use BitTorrent to get the files and publish your server address in the Wiki. All mirrors are welcome. Please make sure you keep track of the final updates by subscribing to this blog.

Update: We have now updated our archive to include all 140 recorded events. Please use the new links above to get the additional stuff. Recordings for these events have been added: Personal experiences bringing technology and new media to disaster areas, Bluetooth Hacking – The State of The Art , Elektronische Gesundheitskarte und Gesundheitstelematik – 1984 reloaded?, Die Technik im neuen ePass, Biometrics in Science Fiction and Black Ops Of TCP/IP 2005.5.

It’s Feedback Time

We are coming along well. The recordings are on the server now and we are creating .torrent files now. Once ready, we will publish them so that you can use BitTorrent to download them. Once we feel that the first run is over, we will open direct HTTP access to the files. If we would do this from the beginning, I am sure the server wouldn’t survive it.

So now that we are able to give you what you want, there is something we want from you:


Each event has it’s own unique feedback URL, easily accessible on each event’s web page in our 22C3 Fahrplan. So it shouldn’t be too hard to locate the proper resource.

For instance, if you just seen the recently posted video of our 22C3 Opening Event, why not go ahead and give us feedback on this on the corresponding feedback page? Oh, that easy? Yes. That easy.

Apart from the rating, please also leave an opinion on the lecture as well. This doesn’t have to be much, just speak your mind and let us know what you think.

This whole feedback business is very helpful for us in determining what was okay and what went wrong. So please take your time and tell us what you think. Thank you.

Here we go

I uploaded the first official 22C3 video recording: it’s the recording of the opening speech and keynote. Unfortunately, the video quality itself is not good as this is one of the recordings that had to be recovered from the failed realtime recordings. Most other videos will be much better. Here it is:

22C3-390-en-private_investigations.mp4 (MPEG-4, 1.2 MBit/s)

A few notes on the format: this is a standard MPEG-4 encoded (audio and video) file in a standard MP4 container file. The native resolution is 720×576 pixels but as this is derived from video, it is a non-square pixel format. The file has the proper bit set (the so-called PAR or SAR bit) to reflect this property. Your video player should honor this bit and scale the video on playback, effectively extending the displayed area to 785×576 pixels.

We would be happy if you could download the file and post success or failure of playback as a comment to this post so that we know we are safe (or not). We will post the rest of the videos once we are sure everything is fine.

Sorry again for all the delay. We will spend another post on what we had to go through to make these works available.

22C3 Fahrplan 2.0 Update

We just released the “2.0” update to the 22C3 Fahrplan which now includes most lecture materials (excluding just a few slides by some lazy speakers). There will be some minor updates in the coming days to add the remaining stuff and another update to point to the recordings once the audio and video files are online.

Chaosradio International

We are promoting our English language Chaosradio podcasts now under a new label called Chaosradio International to make clear what is easily consumable by non-German speakers. We released episode CRI005 today and you can access the other four episodes as well that feature interviews with selected speakers of 22C3.