22C3: Private Investigations (2005)

Das vierte Türchen der #35C3 Memory Lane: Mysteriöse Quanten


35c3-kalender 4

Das vierte Türchen.

„Die Quanten sind doch eine hoffnungslose Schweinerei!“, soll Niels Bohr einst an Albert Einstein geschrieben haben. Schweinerei hin oder her, die Quantenphysik ist auf jeden Fall ein faszinierendes Themenfeld, weil sie unser Wissen darüber, wie die Welt funktioniert, grundlegend in Frage stellt. Quantencomputer und Quantenkryptographie sind auf dem Chaos Communication Congress immer wieder …

22C3 audio and video podcasts available


Oh yes, it took a while. But we finally managed to finalize the 22C3 audio and video recordings and to provide them via a podcast feed as well.

We now provide audio recordings in MP3, MPEG-4 Audio and Ogg Vorbis format and videos in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) 320×240 format in addition to our originally posted full resolution MPEG-4 versions. The new videos run on the iPod and are around 25% the size of the big files.

To make the material easily accessible, you can subscribe to the main podcasts feeds for either audio or video or just download the files directly from these web pages:

About the event ID


As you might have noticed, each lecture recording has an ID (three or four digits long) that is embedded in the file name and the introductory slide in the video itself. You also find this event ID on the 22C3 Fahrplan being used in URLs and such.

The more important information is that this ID will be unique over ALL Chaos Communication Congresses since 1998 (not everything is online properly but it will). So there is not only no clash with IDs used at 21C3, there won’t be one with 23C3 as well. And this goes for all events that have been planned with our Pentabarf conference planning …

Gentlemen, fire up your clients (2nd Update)


All recorded 22C3 videos are online now (via BitTorrent and HTTP). Get the individual torrent files or get all torrent files in one tar.gz archive: 22C3-videos-complete-20050506.tar.gz (here are the checksums).

We still plan to provide complete torrent sets and extra torrent sets optimized for DVD-sized download chunks so that it is easier to archive that stuff. We are a bit distracted by other stuff currently, but we will bring you an update soon. Audio-only versions will follow soon as will the iPod-versions.

If you want to mirror the content, please use BitTorrent to get the files and …

It’s Feedback Time


We are coming along well. The recordings are on the server now and we are creating .torrent files now. Once ready, we will publish them so that you can use BitTorrent to download them. Once we feel that the first run is over, we will open direct HTTP access to the files. If we would do this from the beginning, I am sure the server wouldn’t survive it.

So now that we are able to give you what you want, there is something we want from you:


Each event has it’s own unique feedback URL, easily accessible on each event’s web page in …

Here we go


I uploaded the first official 22C3 video recording: it’s the recording of the opening speech and keynote. Unfortunately, the video quality itself is not good as this is one of the recordings that had to be recovered from the failed realtime recordings. Most other videos will be much better. Here it is:

22C3-390-en-private_investigations.mp4 (MPEG-4, 1.2 MBit/s)

A few notes on the format: this is a standard MPEG-4 encoded (audio and video) file in a standard MP4 container file. The native resolution is 720×576 pixels but as this is derived from video, it is a non-square pixel format. The file …

Ninety-Five Percent


Yes we know, we suck. But rest assured a lot of work is being done to bring the 22C3 videos out. Consider it to be 95% done and we are pretty confident you will hear from us soon.

There has been a lot of talk on why things took so long (again) and although I won’t dig into the whole story here, it was a sequence of disasters that started with almost all realtime recordings being plagued by non-linear syncing of audio and video. So most of the material had to be recovered and re-encoded from DV backup tapes which took a long time (around 2 TB of data had to be moved to and fro).

As a few …

22C3 Fahrplan 2.0 Update


We just released the “2.0” update to the 22C3 Fahrplan which now includes most lecture materials (excluding just a few slides by some lazy speakers). There will be some minor updates in the coming days to add the remaining stuff and another update to point to the recordings once the audio and video files are online.

22C3 recordings update


We expected to be done by now but there is still work to be done. Main problem is that we have to manually rearrange around 50 sessions to fix the audio syncing which was garbled due to technical problems. But we are making progress, step by step and we are slowly reaching the end of the tunnel.

As the stuff is ready, it will be available both via BitTorrent and a podcast (podcast might kick in a bit later to wait for the main rush to flow down).

Thanks for your patience.

Chaosradio International


We are promoting our English language Chaosradio podcasts now under a new label called Chaosradio International to make clear what is easily consumable by non-German speakers. We released episode CRI005 today and you can access the other four episodes as well that feature interviews with selected speakers of 22C3.

22C3 Recordings: The Final Samples


Okay. Good news on the horizon. All videos are collected, a naming scheme is defined and we have sorted out our formats. The encoding machines are ready to run. And will be started any moment.

To give you the chance for some final checking, we have put up some samples for the various formats for you to test. So if you are technically inclined you might want to check them out in terms of quality and compatibility. The sample is always the same two minute clip.