Ende. Aus. Finito.

All good things come to an end…

…even Camp. Our survey shows that almost half of you will depart on Sunday, many others on Monday. To make teardown as easy as possible for you, we made a plan.

Quick vehicle loading
From 10 am on, you can bring your luggage to Ziegeleipark parking lot (here) to load your car. An angel placed there will issue a permit.

Loading vehicles on site
From 3 pm on you can drive your vehicle on site to load it. Please be quick about loading and organize your stuff beforehand so that you can leave quickly. Team village (DECT ASSM / 2776) is on site and will issue a permit once you are ready.
There will be a one-way road system. Entrance on the campground is only possible at gate 3. To exit you will need to use gate 1.

Rented furniture
There will be 3 drop points for your rented furniture. Please see the map below for their locations. Return everything at once and cleaned. As we need to ship most of it on Monday, you would help us tremendously if you take care of that as soon as possible.

Wood, couches and trash
Tear down your wooden constructions, remove screws, nails, tape etc as well as possible and return it to the LOC with your couches (here).

Wood can be returned from 10 am on.

Take your trash to the bins and leave the area clean.

Please drive sober and carefully and have a save journey home. See you again next time.